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Jan 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Chef Nyel at Work

As January 1st goes, so goes the year… or so I’ve been told.  It’s not nine o’clock (ayem) yet but so far, so good — mostly.  Early morning chores have been completed, breakfast consumed, chickens fed and let into the garden for the day.  Nyel is busy cooking up a storm and I am already at my desk hoping to resume work on one or the other of two books-in-progress.  There’s just one little problem…

Snowhite seems to have a bad case of mites — not an insurmountable problem for most chicken farmers.  She needs to be treated with “Garden, Pets, and Livestock” dust which first entails catching her.  Easier said than done.  She is mighty skittish even though she hangs back from the others and appears to be asking for help.

“Hiding” Snowhite

The easiest way to catch her, of course, is to take her off her perch at night when she is less alert and less mobile.  Unfortunately, ours in not a walk-in coop and, although a taller person with longer arms (that would be Farmer Nyel) could pretty easily accomplish the capture, I don’t think I can reach her.  Not even from the big back door when she might be on the near end of the roost.

She’s let me know in a number of ways that she wants help with her problem but, so far, she won’t let me get close enough to grab her.  I’ll give it one more shot tonight before I ask for the assistance of a long-armed friend.

It’s really not a coop duty that you’d wish on anyone else.  Plus what would that signify about how the new year will progress?  Chickens in charge?  Not exactly what the Backyard Famer (or wife) want to anticipate…



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