So… how about a horse?

Jun 1, 2017 | 2 comments

Recycling Tubs

Lined up in our garage are a number of big blue bins.  They aren’t labeled, but after years of use, we can toss the recycling items into the correct ones without thought.  Glass.  Plastic.  Paper. Aluminum.  They clot up my life.

And it’s not like the Big City.  No curbside service here in Oysterville.  Periodically, we load up a vehicle and head for the ‘Recycling Station’ in Nahcotta where we fling our collectibles into the proper containers – all too high for short people, but there you have it.

Another life-clogger-upper is the compost bin out by the erstwhile vegetable garden.  Ditto the tub of compostable garbage that’s on its way out of the kitchen, I think about that old TV commercial – “Life’s messy; clean it up.”  It doesn’t help my mood.

Compost Bin

And then there are all the critters that have gathered ‘round, inside and outside now that our consciousness has been raised about spraying and scattering and daubing poisons around and about.  I often think about that bit of science I learned way back when… “insects will eventually take over the world.”  It would happen in a heartbeat around here so we experiment with natural and organic and bio-degradable cure-alls that don’t work very well but entitle us to feel smug.  We are helping the planet.

Subaru Forester

All it takes, though, is a major mishap to throw our high environmental standards into a cocked hat!   We are in the market for a new car, having totaled our climate-friendly Prius-C – a vehicle we disliked from the get-go. Hard to get into (especially for Nyel); a bumpy, noisy ride; a vague feeling of being always vulnerable, especially on the freeway near gigantic log trucks and eighteen-wheelers.  When the airbags didn’t deploy the other day and we learned that you have to rear end something low enough to engage the sensors behind the bumper (say what???), we have just about decided to go rogue.

We Googled “safe car choices for seniors” and we are exploring the options presented.  Not a dual-fuel choice among ‘em.  Sorry, Al Gore.  I don’t know how many driving years we have left, but the planet is going to have to cut us a little slack.  At least driving-wise.

Pitching Hay — Oysterville, 1914

But that was yesterday.  Before the embarrassment of a President leaving the Paris Climate Accord because he thinks the entire climate change issue is a hoax.  What a complete giraffe!  Now I’m feeling uncertain about my options.  Whose safety?  Mine or Mother Earth’s?  The timing seems all wrong.  Will people think we agree with Trump’s idiocy?  Yikes!

For the record… Nyel is talking a lot about re-building my grandfather’s barn and getting a horse.  Lots of advantages, there.  Mowing – check! Fertilizer – check!  Some GPS features built in – as in knows the way home.  Stay tuned…


  1. Cindi Bartels

    You could also include, as equine standard features: Keyless entry, 4 wheel (errrr… 4 hoof) drive, (usually) comes when called or whistled for (no more wondering where you parked it), lasts 18 to 20 years (most cars won’t go that long), gets great mileage on a bale of hay, and greets you with an excited whinny every morning. OK that last bit just means the horse is hungry and wants you to feed it, but it is still nice to be the object of attention. I am an old horse-gal myself and I often rode my mare to the store when it was snowy and my Grandma didn’t want to drive.

    • sydney

      Great points! I think I’m totally convinced. I just need to build that barn…


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