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Jun 2, 2017 | 1 comment

Oil Refinery – Marcus Hook, PA – Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Well, there you have it!  We are right up there with Nicaragua and Syria as the only nations in the world who are not members of the Paris Climate Accord.  Part of the Prez’s plan to “Make America Great Again.”  As my former Principal at Ocean Park School used to say to kids who were having difficulty explaining something: “Help me to understand.”

Let’s see – we rank 14th world-wide in education, 33rd in internet download speeds, 24th in literacy, 3rd in human development, 54th in education expenditures, and 72nd and 85th, respectively in girls and boys going to grade school, and 26th in employment growth rate.  Wow! It would seem that we have a long way to go.  Of course, that depends on your definition of “great” I guess.  And, if we are joining Nicaragua and Syria in the matter of climate greatness, there is surely room to wonder.

The World View

The above statistics are from a website called “Ranking America” where there are many more fun facts to be found.  Check it out at  The author, Mark Rice, is Chair of American Studies at Fisher College in Rochester, New York.   About his information, he says:

Ranking America is a site for finding information about how the U.S. compares to other countries in a variety of categories. I make every effort to report the data accurately, and I welcome anyone pointing out whatever inadvertent mistakes I may make… Ranking America is also an exercise in absurdism, and I hope that some users of the site appreciate that side of it.

The Naked Truth?

I am inclined to think that the real “exercise in absurdism” is this weird experiment in making ourselves “great” that we seem to be committed to for the next almost-four years.  For instance, I’m not at all clear about the “again” part of Trump’s campaign slogan.  What is his base line?   When, exactly, did he think we were “great?”  How does our alignment with Nicaragua and Syria help get us back to that time?  And who else will we emulate in this rush to greatness?  Truly mind-boggling.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    We have to throw the bums out!


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