Recognizing Stupid

Jan 22, 2017 | 1 comment

I’ve never claimed to be the brightest light in the harbor, but… what is WRONG with people?  I cannot believe how many news commentators, in one way or another, have expressed surprise that the President’s nomination speech was not substantially different from his campaign rhetoric.  What in the world did they expect?

There was a bit of a flurry way back when… ‘Perhaps’ they said, ‘perhaps’ Mr. Tweet-Tweet would don the trappings of the Presidency if he got elected.  That didn’t happen but hope remained that he’d rise to some level of competence as soon as he took office.  And now’s he’s took it and he be our fearless leader and the talking heads are sore amazed.

I think I’m boycotting the news for a while.  I remember when my son was highchair age and just beginning to experiment with feeding himself.  I don’t know what was in his bowl – something green I think – but suddenly he dropped the spoon and used both hands to shove the bowl off the tray as hard as he could.  “Done!” he shouted.  For evermore, in our family when we’ve had it up to here, we just shout “Done!”

That was my pronouncement last night about halfway through Jeff Greenfield’s remarks on the PBS NewsHour:  “So, there are some signals there from the inaugural, to the shock of some people in Washington, that he apparently means to try to do what he said he was going to try to do.”

“Signals”???   “…shock of some people in Washington”???   “…apparently means to try to do…”???  What is WRONG with people?  I thought we knew a long time ago that leopards can’t change their spots.  Didn’t the Bible tell us so?


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  1. Linda J

    I loved watching Trump’s inaugural speech. I loved watching his CIA headquarters speech. Hilarious! You can just see the perplexed looks on faces of his supporters growing more and more worried. I may agree that it’s time to say DONE! …But not with news…But rather with the talking heads. I disagree a bit about Trump being a leopard who won’t change his spots…I think he IS changing—-for the worse. He’s only getting nuttier.


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