At the Heart of the Matter

Jan 23, 2017 | 1 comment

Legacy Emanuel Hospital

Here we are in Portland (again!) in a familiar room and poised to leave in an hour or two for Legacy Emanuel Hospital.  Nyel in for a “tune-up” as his cardiologist calls it.  Me just standing by – observing, listening, and being Nyel’s head cheerleader.  This marks the third time since October that we have spent time here under similar circumstances.

Once again, we have no knowledge as to the duration of our stay.  “Several days and then we’ll see,” is the best Dr. God* can tell us.  So, somehow and against every instinct of my being, it seems incumbent to keep a part of our lives in some sort of normalcy.  I think of that as my secondary job – primary being my cheerleader position.

Familiar Territory

Key to ‘normal’ seems to be my laptop and its (often tenuous but pleasegodnotnow) relationship with the internet.  That realization occurred at a few minutes before five this morning when I fired it up and found three ongoing conversations on the screen.  All were about the upcoming Schoolhouse Talks in Oysterville – one incoming email from Hawaii, another one from Astoria, and one not-yet completed message from me here in Portland to Diane Buttrell at home.

I had told Diane some time ago that I would write some articles for the Observer about this next round of lectures that she has organized.  The first is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th and I have been in communication with the speakers – Eric Wiegardt who currently is conducting a class in Hawaii (and yes, my heart bleeds…speaking of hearts) and Noel Thomas who is at home in Astoria.

Old Teletype Machine

And, that’s just one of the threads that this magical cyberspace is keeping connected for me.  I can’t help but think of how, wearing my ’reporter hat,’ I could have proceeded a few decades back.  The old telephone, telegraph and AP wire service come to mind with all those complicated keys and connections of my youth on the Stanford Daily.

Which brings my thoughts back to the here and now and how lucky we are to have its promises and possibilities.  Especially at the heart of things.  Which in my case, of course, is Nyel.  No matter what, nothing will be ‘normal’ until his big old heart is back in tune again!

*I refer you to my blog of January 4, 2017.

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  1. Marion Freshley

    Let’s hope Nyel will get tuned up well and we will be thinking of you two with very positive thoughts. Give him our best.


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