Problems and Mysteries

Mar 21, 2015 | 1 comment

Measuring the Minutes

Measuring the Minutes

Though I often suspected that it was my mom’s problem and not dad’s, she used to say with a mixture of endearment and exasperation that he couldn’t count either time or money. Whoever was the culprit between them, it is definitely an inherited trait. Both time and money have a way of escaping me. I frequently think I have more of each.

Take the month of March, for instance. Here we are two-thirds of the way through it and I have not yet begun most of the projects I set for myself. I’ve been busy every minute, or so it seems and, though I know things take longer nowadays, I am exasperated (as usual) that I haven’t accomplished more. I think that part of the trouble is that I have not yet learned to ‘just say no.’ The companion to that, of course, is that there is always another interesting experience waiting in the wings…

Piggy Bank

Counting the Pennies

As for the financial side of things… I’m pretty sure that my lack of management skills in that department comes from early life trauma. I remember that I began to get an allowance about the time I started school. Somehow, I think it was tied up with my report card grades and probably amounted to a dime or a quarter a week at first. Then came World War II and Savings Bonds.

I’m not exactly sure now of the logistics, but I remember that we school kids had the “opportunity” periodically (probably once a week) to add money to our accounts. I was encouraged to give a hefty part of my allowance each time and I remember believing that “someday, when the war is over” I would have a substantial amount of money all for myself. Unfortunately, that never happened. I think that our family was hard pressed by the end of the war and I think that my Savings Bond got cashed out and used for necessities. I’m not sure exactly. And that seems to be the story of my life. Where does that money go anyway?

Logic tells me I’ve had a good many years to change my ways and, since I haven’t devoted serious effort to doing so, I must be satisfied with the status quo. If those time and money subjects were a problem, I’d have found a solution. I think they remain in the category of ‘mystery’ – to be wondered at but not really understood. Except by folks wiser (but probably not any happier) than I.

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  1. Jane E Smith

    I can remember in elementary school having a bank passbook that I took to school weekly with a quarter. Not sure where that was deposited, but it was my “savings account.” It makes me think I may have an unclaimed account somewhere!


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