Perhaps I’ve turned the cyberspace corner.

Apr 10, 2023 | 0 comments

It was lots easier with chickens.

I know that pride cometh before a fall.  But, I can’t help but feel that I’ve earned just a few bragging rights in the realm of technology, cyberspace, internet connections etcetera, etcetera, and so forth!

After my lament about Cinderella and my speculation that it was my own fault — I hadn’t mentioned her to the Spectrum Crew when they were connecting my devices last week — I decided to follow up on that hunch.  So I took a deep breath, called Spectrum, and asked to be connected to their technical support.

I don’t know where they get these guys,  He was the model of patience, understanding and gentle humor.  In nothing flat, he walked me through all the necessary steps to getting Cinderella on board with Spectrum.  I do want to point out, however, that I lined up all my known information about Cinderella ahead of my call so I was (more-or-less) prepared to do my part.

But not so much with those roosters!

And it went as smooth as silk.  Within minutes, Cinderella was happily vacuuming the living room, emptying her bin and re-charging her batteries in preparation for her next job!  I felt pretty darn psyched too, and actually went on line to see how I could get my first Spectrum statement.  I was thinking I should probably make a show of good faith now that I am up and running.

Well… sometimes the buck stops here but, in this case… there.  Another entire new-age argument has ensued.  But damn!  It’s hard to argue with a computer screen… More on that when I calm down.  If ever.




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