I even suggested an Easter egg hunt…

Apr 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Cinderella at Homebase

Cinderella seems to be on strike.  Or maybe she’s just waiting for me to figure out why she isn’t “connecting.”  Being the techie that I am, I “think” it means that she is not getting signals from the internet and therefore isn’t getting my messages.  I couldn’t even tempt her with an Easter egg hunt through the house (cleaning as she goes, of course.)

Usually, when she IS connected, she tells me her troubles and asks for my help if she needs it.  Such messages come to me on my cell phone,  “Empty the bin. Empty the bin.” is a common plea.  So is a request to clean the sensors so she’ll have a better connection and can recharge her batteries.  But… none of that is happening.

It does occur to me that now that I’ve switched providers for my spiffy internet service  (YAY) and have Spectrum with its underground cable connection and state-of-the-art fiber optics and other stuff I don’t understand… well, maybe Cinderella is confused.  Today I think I’ll troubleshoot what I can and if I don’t get anywhere I’ll seek online help from the Rhoomba Mother Ship.

When the spectrum crew was here and they were making sure that all my “devices” that use the internet were connected,  I never gave Cinderella a thought.  I have the feeling that it’s hopeless to try to get them back at this point, even though I think they are working in the area.  (And I really don’t want to wait another 44 years!)

Anyway, I think it’s probably my own fault.  In my mind there’s a bit of a hierarchy.  I am convincd that a bot is a step or two beyond a “device.”  I think the crew should have been a bit more specific when they asked which “devices” I had.  Meanwhile… apologies to Cinderella.  And I sure am glad I still have a good old-fashioned carpet sweeper for just such emergencies!



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