Perfect Contentment

Jul 29, 2020 | 3 comments

Nyel and Sage

Sage Hansen came visiting yesterday.  It was his seventh birthday and we felt very complimented, indeed, that he chose to spend a bit of it with us.  He paid no attention to the social distancing required of his family members, Ray and Carol, and truth to tell, we didn’t care.  It was wonderful to see him and, like with all good friends, we took up our conversation just where we’d left off — except it was probably a bit mellower this time.

Sage lives in Utah and we hadn’t seen him since we visited there five (or was it six?) years ago.   At that time, he wanted to show us his newly learned “trick” — a job really — of going out in the morning to retrieve the newspaper from the front lawn and bring it to Ray.  We stood in the doorway to watch when he went galloping off to where the newsboy had thrown it, just out of sight.  But he didn’t come back and didn’t come back.

And then the barking began.  When Ray went to find out what had happened, he found Sage circling our Prius in the driveway — a strange intruder that obviously took precedence over the morning paper which had been abandoned nearby.  So, we never did get to see the paper-fetching trick.  But, of course, none of that mattered to Nyel (or to Sage.)

Time to go? But…

After all of these years, Sage happily greeted Nyel without missing a beat.  Never mind the years and miles between their last (which had been their first) encounter.  He settled down next to Nyel’s wheelchair and happily stayed there even though the sun was hot and Carol urged him several times to move into the shade.   Even when it was time to go, he wasn’t in any hurry.  He was obviously totally content.  As was Nyel.


  1. william grennan

    Nyel really needs a ?

  2. william grennan

    Nyel really needs a DOG!

    • sydney

      If he could get one as mellow as Sage and find someone stronger than I to walk it every day, that would be great. Carol (who is about 15 or 20 years younger than I and has 15 or more pounds of muscle than I says that if a rabbit or something else shows itself when they are walking, she can hardly hold him. I think I’d just be flying behind him like a kite…


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