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I never thought I’d see the day when I’d have (much less wear!) a tee shirt with an alcoholic beverage pictured on it!  But here I am, toasting Starla Gable who sent me a Bloody Mary tee shirt.  (I’m not sure about the “Hail Mary” part — it’s either a religious or a football term.  I think.)

Starla discovered some time ago that I, too, am a Bloody Mary “drinker.”  I doubt that she was using the term in quotation marks — she doesn’t really know me that well.  But any of my close friends and “drinking” buddies know that I’m really not one.  A drinker I mean.

Salad by Cuzzin Cheryl

Anyway, Starla wanted to know what my recipe is.  I imagine she thought it was too simple-minded for words:  4 ice cubes; 1 jigger of vodka; 1 small can of V-8  juice; 2 garlic stuffed olives on a plastic toothpick.  Over and out.  No hot, spicy stuff and no salad stuff.

My reasons are pretty straightforward. All during what should have been my “drinking years” — say from the time I graduated from high school in 1957 until I was in my mid-forties, I didn’t.  Drink, I mean.  Not that I didn’t try now and again — especially during my college years.  But I soon learned that even one beer or one glass of wine or one mixed drink led to a two or three-day migraine of major proportions.

Talk about aversion therapy — for years, even the smell of alcohol could send me into the nearest ladies room, headfirst into bowl. I eventually learned that I was allergic not only to alcohol, but to chocolate, cheese, and fish.  For whatever reasons, they triggered migraines and it wasn’t until an effective migraine medication was finally developed that I could chance any of the above.  By then I was 45 for 46 and probably too set in my ways to seriously change.

Rossotti’s Alpine Inn near Stanford — where I didn’t often go.

Even now, I don’t care much for fish.  Chocolate I can take or leave.  Only some cheeses have my undying affection. But I still can’t abide the smell of alcohol.  Bloody Marys are the answer to that!  And one seems the perfect number.  The “no hot spicy” part is just because hot spicy stuff makes me choke.  I can’t do spicy foods, either.  And the no-salad-in- my-Bloody — just a pain to deal with.  I like salads — but big ones in a bowl or on a plate.  Stuffing those ingredients into a glass seems wrong.  Just plain wrong.

But I sure do like my tee shirt!!  I never did learn if Starla liked my Bloody Mary recipe.  Probably not.  I admit that it’s a little simple minded.  But then… who isn’t?


  1. Starla Gablr

    Starla here…your Bloody Mary recipe suits me perfectly as I don’t like spicy OR salads!!! BTW … the shirt looks good on you!!!

    • sydney

      Yes! Blue is definitely my color! I love the shirt and FINALLY we are having some warm enough weather so I can wear it without a sweatshirt over it! Thank you again! You can be my personal shopper anytime!


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