“Oysterville Day Book” in the news!

Dec 25, 2012 | 2 comments

“Daily Blog chronicles Oysterville’s past and present” read the headline in yesterday’s Longview Daily News.  Wow, imagine that!  My blog in the news!  I couldn’t have been more tickled if “Oysterville Daybook” had ‘gone viral’ as they say.  What a nice Christmas present!

The article, by Barbara LaBoe, was long – or so it looked online.  I have not yet seen a hard copy of the newspaper.  Plus, it was accompanied by two (!) pictures of me, both in full color online, though that may not be so in the printed version.  Thanks to the skill of photographer Bill Wagner, neither image reveals the huge white bandage and glinting splint on my left hand.  “It’s like trying to avoid the Tin Man,” he laughed that day, which just happened to be shortly after I had closed my ring finger in a door.  Bad timing!

Most pleasing to me is that the information Barbara included in her article is accurate and truly reflects what we talked about.  That’s not always the result of an interview, especially one done the old-fashioned way, as this was, with pencil and notebook.  No tape recorder.  Having been on both sides of the interview equation, I can say with assurance that it takes considerable skill to capture the facts as well as the tone, both of which Barbara accomplished.

So far, I’ve not received any feedback from other Daily News or blog readers.  I hope I do.  (Actually, I hope Barbara does, too.)  For anyone interested, the article can be found by Googling Longview Daily News and then writing my name in their “Search” box.

Meanwhile, I wish everyone within reading distance a Merry Christmas from Oysterville!


  1. Marilyn Freeman

    Sydney, congratulations and merry merry!

  2. Marilyn Freeman

    Hey Sydney, the article is excellent. Keep blogging!


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