Morning-After Remorse

Dec 26, 2012 | 1 comment

Seasons’ greetings began arriving in our mailbox shortly after Thanksgiving.  Cards have come from old friends and new acquaintances, from far-away states and from foreign countries.  Some have included traditional Christmas letters detailing the year just ending.  Others contain a hastily scrawled sentence or two or perhaps just a signature.  We have enjoyed every single one!

Our ritual is to read each day’s arrival during our morning tea or coffee break.  We linger over news and photographs, lament the time that has elapsed since a last visit and clap and cheer for all the milestones the past year has brought.  So, with all the enjoyment these incoming cards bring us, why in the world did we decide to give this year a miss as far as sending our own?

I’m not at all sure of the answer to that question.  Were we too busy?  Too lazy?  Having an attack of the cheaps?  Whatever the reason, no cards were sent from us and I am feeling a twinge of guilt about it.  Maybe more than a twinge.

I console myself that we could send New Year’s greetings or Valentine cards to make up for our lack of Christmas Contact from Oysterville.  “And, besides,” I think to myself, ?people who wonder what we are up to can check out the Oysterville Day Book or send us an email.”  Or, since today is December 26th, maybe I’m just suffering Morning After Remorse.

But the little voice persists and the guilt continues and I even wonder if we’ll be crossed off everyone else’s list next year.  (Maybe that’s my bottom line – all about getting not giving?  YIKES!)

And for all my Jewish and Catholic friends who think they have a corner on the Guilt Market, I say “Balderdash!”

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  1. Sandy Stonebreaker

    Write a letter when you feel like and people will enjoy it even more when it isn’t in a crowd!
    I gave myself permission to write one “sometime” this year. Who knows when.

    Hope you are enjoying some sun.
    Oh, I did comment on the article in the LDN but maybe because your webstie is acting up it wasn’t transmitted.


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