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Apr 22, 2012 | 1 comment

Looking Ahead

     Yesterday afternoon, our neighbors, Tucker and Carol, received the final go-ahead on their building plans.  The project involves renovating their tiny cabin to increase its size so they can ultimately become full-time Oysterville residents.  Halleluja!  Raise the flag!  It was a Red Letter Day for the village.
     It was their final hearing and the Oysterville Design Review Board gave them ten thumbs up.  The Board’s approval is a necessary step in the County’s building requirements for those of us who live within the National Historic District.  The process is what has kept neon signs and double-wides and metal-roofed pole buildings at bay (so to speak) here in the village.
     It’s an onerous and sometimes emotionally-charged process, but yesterday it was smooth sailing for all concerned.  As is usual, the meeting was held at the schoolhouse.  There weren’t many of us in attendance – partly because it was a gorgeous day and I suspect many folks were outdoors doing sunshiny kinds of things.  But mostly, I think, people knew from the first hearing a month or so ago that the plan was going to pass without difficulty.
     There was a second item on the agenda, as well.  It was for conceptual approval of a new house planned for the County (as opposed to the National) Historic District.  That’s an area adjacent to the village and is considered a “transitional” zone. Building requirements are less stringent but the process is still required.
     Mostly, during that part of the meeting, I was impressed by the new usage of the term “historical.”  Both the applicant and the Board members repeatedly referred to the proposed residence being in “The Historical.”  I had never heard that particular adjective used as a noun before, but I know that just as our landscape changes, so does our language.  I couldn’t help wondering if I was listening to the cutting edge of new terminology.
     We left a tad early – there were weeds calling loudly to us.  As we walked home, right past the soon-to-change Wachsmuth cabin, we tried to imagine how it will look a year from now.  We already know how it will feel having Tucker and Carol here full-time. – FABULOUS!

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  1. Anne Kepner

    Thanks for your positive thoughts Sydney. The process continues to challenge me, but I am dedicated to continue to learn. Glad you were there


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