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Apr 23, 2012 | 1 comment

“Wind in the Willows”

     Yesterday we went to see the Bayside Singers’ production of “Wind in the Willows.”  We were full of anticipation, as was the rest of the almost-SRO-audience at the Ocean Park United Methodist Church.  I suspect that Cate Gable’s account of the show in her last “Coast Chronicles” column in the Observer intrigued a number of folks besides us.
     After all, you don’t often read a review that makes you laugh out loud.  But Cate’s did.  Comments like “…and then all hell broke loose” and “in no accent known to man” are bound to pique your interest.  Plus, the toad and those field mice and several other characters onstage were our friends and neighbors.
     Director Sandy Nielson introduced the musical (or was it a chorale?) as the only adult presentation they were giving – “adult presentation” as in ‘audience’ and not ‘content.’  This was the group’s fifth performance and, she said, “was by popular demand.” The other four presentations were given to the fourth and fifth graders at Ocean Park and Long Beach elementary schools.
     A few months ago, Sandy had talked to me about doing excerpts from “Wind in the Willows” for an Oysterville Summer Vespers program, but then decided that the logistics of reviving it mid-summer would be too difficult. Besides, Mr. Mole would be unavailable during the time that we had reserved.  So, we left the date open for something that we are calling “Peninsula Potpourri.”  As I watched and listened and laughed at yesterday’s performance, I wished for a way to return to Plan A.
     And then, not long after Nyel and I returned home, the phone rang and it was Sandy.  She said several people had spoken to her about the possibility of doing the show for vespers.  “Perhaps we could switch Sundays with someone or…”  I had the (perhaps) irreverent thought that wishes made while sitting in church might be the same as prayers, and maybe mine had been answered.
     We talked about possibilities.  There are some logistics to work out, but maybe, just maybe, this fun-filled production of “Wind in the Willows” will be presented once again and this time in Oysterville.  As they say, stay tuned…

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  1. Pat Thomas

    Sounds like a perfect choice for the church setting–let’s hope it works!


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