One damned adventure after another!

Jan 27, 2024 | 0 comments

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When we got to the section of the third grade arithmetic book that dealt with “story problems.” I was fond of telling my students that this was the part of math that they would use for their entire lives NO MATTER WHAT.  After all, I’d tell them, life is just a series of problem-solving events.  And we’d spend a half hour or so sharing problems we had experienced (“when our new puppy chewed up one of my school shoes — my only pair, too!”) and how we solved them (“I wore my flip-flops and my mom wrote the teacher a note and after school we went to the store and got a new pair of tennis shoes.”)  Gradually we slipped into problems involving math and mostly it went pretty well.

Now that I’m old and getting pretty tired of all the problems life tends to throw my way, I’ve had an Attitude Adjustment.  I no longer consider these bumps in my road “problems,”  I look upon them as “adventures.”  Perhaps just a matter of semantics?  Yes, perhaps.  But helpful, nonetheless.

Today it has been a matter of keys.  My car key AND my house key.  They are on the same key ring which is not small by any stretch of the imagination.  When my friend Erin picked me up for a meeting to be followed by lunch at a Peninsula restaurant, I locked my front door, put my keys in my purse (or could it have been my pocket?) and off we went.  I was being chauffeured and, as it turned out, treated to the meal — an adventure indeed!  But when we got back to my house some hours later, my keys were not to be found.  We searched my porch, purse, pockets,  all to no avail!  Then Erin’s car, our meeting space and, finally. the restaurant!

In my considered opinion, this  particular series of events no longer qualifies as an “adventure” no matter what sort of spin I put on it.  I am definitely back into the problem-solving mode.  If only I could assign numerical equivalents to each circumstance and assign appropriate arithmetic operations to it… Sigh!   And could it be that I was leading all those little kids astray all those years ago?  If so, I apologize.  And I sure do wish you were all here to help me solve this particular story problem!

AND JUST AS I WAS READY TO POST THIS, A MESSAGE FROM ERIN!!! “We found your keys!”  I don’t know any particulars yet —  just that the problem is solved and it turned into an adventure after all!  Yay!!!


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