Even the hunting horns didn’t help!

Jan 26, 2024 | 1 comment

Fred and His Bugle

If you are lucky enough to know singer-songwriter Fred Carter, you know that there isn’t a song he’s ever heard — even if it was only once — that he cannot play!  Usually, his instrument of choice is a guitar — but he’s a master of almost any stringed instrument.  But… when it comes to the bugle, not so much.

Mark Clemmons with the biggest horn.

“I really REALLY want to learn to play taps,” he told our Friday Nighters a few weeks ago.  “I get so tired of going to funerals for our Vets and hearing then play a tape. It’s just not the same!  I want to be able to step up and play taps for them.  For real — not on a tape.”  But, Fred’s been trying for a whole year and so far… no luck.

That was all Tucker Wachsmuth needed to bring his collection of German Hunting Horns to tonight’s gathering!  Seven of them, I think.  And in various sizes.  He demonstrated a few notes on each of them before passing them around for the rest of us to try.  As might be expected, it was definitely “a guy thing.”  Everyone (of the men, that is) — especially Bill Grennan! — was able to “make a joyful (?) noise” with one or more of the horns.  (Oh!  Did I say everyone except Fred?)  It was the noisiest Friday Night I ever remember!

Fred was still bravely clutching his bugle as he left with the others.  Dejected?  A little.  Defeated?  Never!  He is determined.  And knowing Fred, he’ll have mastered taps before the next hunting season is upon us!!


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  1. Robert O Gwinn

    You have so much fun! I can hear the music.


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