On being the country cousin…

Jun 18, 2010 | 2 comments

The Red House

     One of my Red House cousins blew into town yesterday.  Like all of that branch of the family, she is blond, beautiful, full of fun,  energetic, opinionated, and always leaves me feeling just a little bit off-kilter.  This is her second visit this year and she will be here for a more extended time in August.  She is making arrangements for her youngest daughter’s wedding – no mean feat when you live 2,000 miles away.
     This is the fourth Red House cousin to be married in Oysterville in recent years and, because none of those families live nearby, we are often involved in the preparations or in the big event, itself.  One of the weddings actually took place in our garden.  For another wedding, we supplied the ‘dressing rooms’ for the bride and her attendants.  This time, we will be hosting a dinner for the out-of-town guests on the night that the bridal party is having their rehearsal dinner at the Red House.
     I hasten to point out, however, that we are ‘hosting’ in the best possible way.  We have only to supply the house and grounds for the guests.  The food is all being catered and is not our responsibility.  Today, Nyel and I are visiting the caterers with my cousin to do some tasting and to offer up our opinions on the possible selections.  How fun is that! 


  1. Brigid

    Sounds as wonderful as our tailgate party. Just so long as the champagne flows and everyone’s happy.


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