OCC: A Long History of Perks and Pleasures

Aug 26, 2016 | 1 comment

OCC Board Minutes - August 2016

OCC Board Minutes – August 2016

There are a good many perks that come along with membership in the Oysterville Community Club (OCC), not the least of which are Secretary Peter Janke’s Board Minutes that appear by cyber-magic once a month on my computer.  Besides being a quick way to catch up on schoolhouse doin’s, there is always an eye-catching photograph – sometimes a historic image, sometimes one taken by Peter, himself.  No matter what, they give me image envy!

This morning’s newsletter featured a picture of Lina Wachsmuth and Oysterville Regatta winners Tucker Wachsmuth and Chris Fuller with their first-place trophies (wood carvings made by Tucker who says he never imagined in his “wildest dreams” that he would be winning one of them!)  And, on the second page are pictures of the final day of the Oysterville Science Academy which has been sponsored by the OCC for two years running.

OCC Board Minutes, June 2016

OCC Board Minutes –  June 2016

Included, too, is a calendar featuring other upcoming events at the schoolhouse including the General Meeting and Potluck scheduled for October 15th and the traditional Community Christmas Party the afternoon of December 10th.   Diane Buttrell’s proposal for the Fall 2016 Oysterville Town Hall and Lecture Series (September 8th – November 17th) was approved – another of the popular events sponsored by the OCC.

Throughout the year, the schoolhouse and grounds are the site of art fairs, wedding receptions, family reunions and all manner of public and private events.  It is by renting out the facility and by their minimal membership dues that the OCC is able to fund the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the historic little building.

The Oysterville School - Under OCC Stewardship since 1957

The Oysterville School – Under OCC Stewardship since 1957

And speaking of history – the OCC can trace its roots clear back to the early 1900s when the women of Oysterville (“The Sewing Circle”) met in one another’s homes to work on sewing and knitting projects and to keep abreast of community news and needs.  In 1925 they organized more formally calling themselves “The Oysterville Women’s Club” and, in 1940 became “The Oysterville Improvement Club” concentrating their efforts toward the war effort.  In 1957, the group re-established itself once again, opening membership to all residents of the village and the greater community.  It was at that point that the group leased the recently vacated school building from the Ocean Beach School District and, calling themselves the Oysterville Community Club, they are still going strong.,

For anyone interested in the helping toward the maintenance of the iconic old building and in the community outreach programs sponsored by the OCC, I can only say, “join!”  Membership is a bargain and the perks are (as they say) priceless!

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