The Great Oysterville Scavenger Hunt

Aug 27, 2016 | 1 comment

On to the Next Clue!

On to the Next Clue!

Take eleven eager children ages two through nine, one experienced Pied Piper, forty-seven well-placed clues and an Oysterville Setting from the ‘Y’ to the cannery, plus a number of doting parents and a bright sunny day and you have the makings of the best Oysterville Scavenger Hunt ever!  (Although, some of those parents who participated in similar hunts a generation ago, led by the same Pied Piper, might argue about which of the many they remember as ‘greatest.’)

Tucker Wachsmuth, of course, is Oysterville’s quintessential Pied Piper (perhaps with a bit of Peter Pan thrown in).  He spent much of yesterday preparing the clues – a combination of photographs and verbal directions.  The photos were of familiar places in Oysterville, taken more-or-less from a kid’s-eye-view, but made a bit difficult to recognize by being in black-and-white rather than in color.  On each, a small red dot marked the spot where the next clue could be found.

Clue:  Church Doorknob

Clue: Church Doorknob

The kids worked together and there was a lot of sharing going on.  “Here, Willa, it’s your turn” I heard Kahrs say as he handed her the clue he’d found.  Three-year-old Sammy Wachsmuth kept up (sort of) by pedaling his two-wheeler-with-training-wheels just as fast as he could go. Two-year-old Bo Bemis ran out of steam right in the middle of the road and lay down for a quick nap, only to be scooped up by his watchful dad who said something like, “Okay, buddy, I think you’re done,” and headed back to the Red House with him.

We felt it a privilege that the only clue placed on private property was in our yard – probably because all but the two visiting kids have been here many times.  Besides the visitors, the kids included seven Red House Cousins and two Wachsmuth grandchildren – all sixth generation Oystervillians!  ‘Our’ clue, a piece of folded white paper, was tucked partially under the base of our old pitcher pump, clearly visible from our front porch.  I think it’s still there!

Overlooked Clue

Overlooked Clue

“Yes, I don’t know what happened there,’ said Tucker.  “They missed several clues but got to the final prize anyway.”  Hidden under a couple of sawbucks in Tucker’s backyard (the clue was to ‘Find X X’) was a small wooden box with the lid screwed on.

The Winners!

The Winners!

As Tucker told us last night at our usual Friday Night Gathering, “I said, ‘I have the key’ and held up a Phillips head Screwdriver.  By then there were only six kids left in the game and each took a turn until they had the lid off.”

Inside were twenty-two dollars in a combination of Susan B. Anthony dollars, Kennedy half-dollars, and one-dollar bills.  “I thought about having something like ice cream bars for the prize but decided they were too difficult to hide,” laughed Tucker.  “So I thought two dollars apiece might be okay.”  As it turned out, maybe it was winners-take-all.  Tucker wasn’t sure how the money got divvied up.

But it was the fun that wasn’t divided up at all.  There seemed to be plenty for everyone to have their share and then some.  Especially for our wonderful Pied Piper of Oysterville!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    What fun! You all are making wonderful memories for a new generation!


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