Now you see it… Or hear it… And finally…

Apr 4, 2023 | 2 comments

Willard Espy, Raconteur Extraordinaire

So after all my F’n’B (Fuss and Bother) about the Shoalwater Bay Yacht Club Sign at the Taylor Hotel building in Ocean Park… it has totally disappeared.  Gone!  I did a drive-by today to check it out and … not a trace.  But their website is still up and running, so stay tuned…

I wondered why no one else was commenting but I guess between no sign and my writing about it on April Fool’s Day, there must have been a bit of confusion and consternation.  I imagine it will all come clear eventually.

In happier news, at least for me, I am beginning to get weigh-ins regarding my “Saints or Sinner” stories in the paper.  Two people — both from Oregon! —  have been in touch with me.  One, a former Ocean Park resident with a great story (and an artifact!) about someone now buried in the Ocean Park Cemetery. and the other a “musician/bard” who is interested in talking about a collaboration — my stories put to his music, perhaps?

It’s early days yet as to follow-ups on either idea, but I love it that people are taking notice and getting in touch with me.  And in a positive way!  Whether or not their ideas will fit into my scheme of things seems immaterial at this point.  What pleases me is that there are other folks out there who see the point of conveying our history through story-telling of one kind or another!

Which brings to mind Mary Garvey and Andrew Emlen and all the other local musicians who are keeping our history alive through song.  In fact, folk music might be one of the best ways of all to document our everyday events and to insure that some of the important ones, anyway, will live on.

Larry Murante, Documenter in Song

Along those lines… I wonder how many people “out there” know about the Reverend Josiah Crouch and his family who lived in this very house more than a hundred years ago — and all through Larry Murante’s song, “Mrs. Crouch.”  (Google Larry Murante and Mrs. Crouch if you haven’t heard it…)





  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, thank you for the kudos from yesterday in your Beautiful Blog, but I loved Even More! your remarks from yesterdays BB! Great picture of Willard! So good to know that others are becoming more observant and thank God/Goddess/All the Ships At Sea that the miscreant yacht club has DISAPPEARED! How in the world did you do that? What genius! Very very good result, my Heroine Cuz! Love at all times, KK

    • sydney

      Smoke and Mirrors of Course!
      I doubt very much that they have disappeared. Probably just being converted to permanency. Stay tuned.


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