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Apr 5, 2023 | 2 comments

I’m talking about the Wednesday, April 5, 2023 edition of the Chinook Observer.  Beginning on Page 1 with the report on our Sheriff’s Office dragging its feet in answering a 911 call (from the Pacific County Fire District No. 1, no less!).

I am reminded of a time, not so long ago, when my son asked me if living by myself made me nervous.  “Only insofar as getting assistance from our Sheriff’s Department goes; we never see them around here.” was my answer.  And here it is.  In black and white from a source that should have more clout than most of the rest of us.  Damned right I get nervous.

And also on Page 1 at the top of the page, a report that Pacific County’s population has had the highest growth in the state over the past year.  And at the bottom of the page, this headline “State House budget stingy with county.”

But wait.  Aren’t tax dollars allocated by the State to County projects supposed to reflect the most recent census figures — as in, the more growth we have in population, the more money will be directed our way by the State???  No doubt I have it screwed up.  For sure somebody does.

And galloping right on through — Cate Gable’s “April Fool’s Day thoughts.” Her article is one of the most powerful I’ve read on our continuing stupidity regarding gun control.   “Please review the steps we’ve taken to land here” she writes “– in which a school full of our most vulnerable and precious citizens is the taget for military assaults of the twisted-minded; in which the potential of our nation, its youth is what we are willing to sacrifice in order to buy, carry, hande se and miuse weapons meant for war.”  And she continues, “I would say this qualifies us as a nation of fools.”

Well, those are the “bad” and the “ugly” news reports.  I commend you to pages A-4 and B-1 where the really “good” news is happening.  Oh!  Wait!  It’s almost all by me or, even better, about me.  I loved Leisa Jennings report on the PCHS luncheon!  And I loved seeing Aunt Kate’s story at the bottom of Page B1.  Be sure you turn to B-4 and read the rest of it.  There’s a great punch line!






  1. Debby Halliburton

    Thanks, Sydney, for calling attention to some of the glaring problems in this community. All the back patting about acquiring new automatic rifles is another boondoggle. How often do they need one of those weapons!? How about more patrols? How about more training for handling domestic violence and addicted homeless? Looking at the police blotter, those calls seem to dominate and how does a fancy new rifle solve THOSE problems!?


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