Nightmare at Nordstrom’s

Nov 29, 2015 | 2 comments

2004031899We had to be in downtown Seattle anyway. It was Saturday and Black Friday was over. I thought we could just nip into Nordstrom’s and pick up a few things. What was I thinking?

We should have bagged the whole idea when we found that the parking garage was full. “We’ll just drive around the block; it’ll be open by then,” said my ever-patient (read: stubborn) husband. Well, it was. But mostly because “around the block” took forever by the time we waited through the red lights AND the green lights due to the never-ending streams of pedestrians in the crosswalks.

Z0010513We finally got into the store – or I should say into “a” store. It could have been a bargain basement at any cheap-o department store anywhere. Except, of course, nothing was cheap. Every floor (and I mean EVERY) floor was crammed with racks and racks of clothes. I took a quick look at a price tag for a semi-cute top — $695! OMG!

And did I say that the store was jam-packed with shoppers? Who are those people, anyway? Who can afford those prices? Come to think of it, I didn’t see many bulging shopping bags. Maybe one percent…

I did get the two items on my ‘list’ – a gift card and a bottle of “fragrance” as Nordstrom’s calls it (“smelly stuff” as we refer to it in our family.) For a woman who has long since gone on record as hating to shop, it was the Excursion from Hell. For my long- suffering husband, to say nothing of long-time Seattleite husband who has held a Nordstrom’s credit card since the sixties, it was and Experience in Never-Again Land.

I used to love Nordstrom’s – even though I never could afford to do much more than look. I loved the displays. I loved the pianist near the escalators. I loved the café. (Oh. Did I mention that there is now a full bar and cocktail lounge on the third floor? OMG!) I loved the spaciousness and the elegance of it all. But now? I am so over it…

No wonder people are finding it easier to shop online.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    See? You goofed. Yesterday was small business Saturday. But I can understand the allure of downtown Seattle at Christmas. Unfortunately, it will be enjoyed as a memory from childhood as I don’t think I could handle it .

    • sydney

      No! Downtown Seattle at Christmastime has no “allure.” Read my blog more carefully! (lol!) We had to be in Seattle for another purpose entirely — it was pure happenstance that it was that particular date!


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