My At Home Residency

Nov 25, 2015 | 1 comment

do not disturb.phpIt’s not the first time that I’ve gone to ground ‘until the book is done.’ And it’s not the first time that friends have suggested that I apply for a writing residency somewhere so that I can truly retreat and completely avoid the responsibilities entailed in being at home.

“Why?” is my standard response. “Nyel (bless him!) is chief cook and bottle-washer anyway. And I’m fine with a self-imposed moratorium on cleaning. (Who wouldn’t be?) So it’s not like domestic duties are interfering with my writing time.

And, as for ‘other obligations’ like writing an article for the paper or booking the church for a wedding or even selling the occasional cemetery lot – those are the things that keep me connected to the community. They are the scaffolding upon which everything I write is layered. I really can’t imagine going on a retreat somewhere ‘to write’ without those sorts of ‘disruptions.’

1g-caution-work-in-progress-sign-80-p[ekm]160x288[ekm]Then there is the social side of things like our usual Friday night gatherings and the activities long-noted on the calendar – a coffee date here or a dinner engagement there. I can’t imagine my life without such connectivity. For me, those interactions are the fuel of inspiration. Sounds pretty dorky, but there it is.

So… where is that imaginary line between life-as-usual and being incommunicado for a time? Darned if I know. But I sure do appreciate all my friends and family who are giving me wide berth for the next few weeks. Despite all setbacks (credited fully to my editor’s overly zealous concerns with photographs and did she not get the memo that I am a writer, not a photographer?) I think I’ll be able to resurface on December 12th as planned. God willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise…

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  1. Bruce Jones

    I agree. A lot of my friends ask “How can you make so much art when you have so much else to do?” But it’s pretty easy to make art the priority and fit other stuff in. I don’t need or want to cut off interactions with people I like. Seems like the old Mexican was right — hay mucho tiempo, as long as you keep your priority on your art.


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