Music, Flowers, Friendship & Chocolate… Up Close & Virtual!

Mar 1, 2015 | 3 comments

Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Birthdays simply don’t get better than mine was yesterday! It began and ended with flowers. In between there was poetry and music and hugs from friends. There was a scrumptious dinner followed by dessert to die for. And all day long, into the night, and continuing this morning are wonderful greetings by email and on FaceBook – hundreds of them! I am blown away.

And, it’s not even a five or a zero! The rule in our household is that the birthdays for years ending with either of those numbers are the only ones warranting a celebration. Yesterday’s was a nine and I see no way that next year’s celebration, even though it will be for the big eight-oh, can top it! It was the best birthday imaginable!

Virtual and Silent Music from California

Virtual Music from California

It even began a day early with flowers and huckleberry jam and not one but two cards from my Loomis Lake Ranger Cuzzins Max, Madison, Mason and their parents Ken and Marijka. It’s not every birthday you get a card with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon carefully pasted on the front! Friend Cate arrived yesterday morning with daffodils from her garden and, while Nyel and I were at the Fisher Poets Gathering last night, there was a florist delivery from Son Charlie! To say nothing of the virtual bouquets sent by friends from everywhere.

I certainly can’t claim that the Fisher Poets Gathering was in my honor or even that all the hugs from friends we encountered at the venues were birthday hugs per se – but it all added up to make me feel special. Mary Garvey even asked me which of her songs I’d like her to sing! And then she did!  And imagine my surprise when I arrived home to more music — even an amazing silent band sent from my friend Al in California!

Chocolate Dessert and a Wishing Candle!

Chocolate Dessert and a Wishing Candle!

There’s one thing for sure that I can’t claim as a birthday gift, but the news of it seemed that way. We had late-ish reservations at the Bridgewater Bistro and proprietors and long-time friends Ann and Tony had time to visit. The news: their younger daughter Michelle (my once-upon-a-time-student-and-erstwhile-bouquet-catcher-when-Nyel-and-I-were-married) is pregnant for the second time. In June or July triplets will join their three-year-old sister Addie! Triplets!  OMG! That news was definitely in the Best Ever Birthday Gifts category.

And, in my own mind anyway, I’m not through celebrating. Today Randal Bays and Suzanne Taylor are doing a House Concert here. Another evening of music, friends and good food! What a way to begin being 79! Whoo Hoo!


  1. Nancy Russell stone

    My grin was so broad that it cracked MY 79 year old face! Loved reading about you being honored…This will, indeed, be your year!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    What a lovely birthday! Am happy to get to be part of day two!

  3. Steve Wright

    Sounds like you certainly had a great birthday! You are definitely of to a grand start heading for 80!


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