Buttons and Bows for My Birthday!

Feb 28, 2015 | 3 comments


Fisher Poet Gathering - the 2015 Button

Fisher Poet Gathering – the 2015 Button

Whoo Hoo! For the first time in a half-dozen or more years we are going to celebrate my birthday in Astoria at the Fisher Poets Gathering (FPG) – their 18th annual. This wonderful festival of poetry and stories and songs seems to fall near enough to my birthday that we usually have other plans for the weekend. But this year, miraculously, the Gathering is the last weekend of the month and we’re celebrating my 79th by attending.


Mary Garvey

Mary Garvey

We have our buttons – purchased yesterday at the FPG Gearshack. We were across the river doing a few errands and stopped by the Commercial Street headquarters with that purpose in mind. Right away we ran into Mary Garvey, one of the most amazing poet/songwriters ever. She’s at the top of my list of wanna-sees tonight. (And, in case you wondered, the “Bow” in the title of this blog rhymes with cow, not hoe, and refers to all the participants in the FPG who are taking well-deserved ones this weekend.)

Geno Leech, Fisher Poet

Geno Leech, Fisher Poet

Mary is from our side of the river – one of several performers including Geno Leech, Irene Martin, John Hagerty, Lorrie Haight (for Smitty Smith), Patty Hardin and maybe a few others. Participants come from as far away as Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Alaska and Hawaii – even from Canada. They are all here to celebrate “the fishing life” as Jon Broderick of Cannon Beach expressed it in the current issue of Coast Weekend.

The most exciting part (as well as the most frustrating) is that performances are happening in six different venues simultaneously from early evening to late both Friday and Saturday. Astoria becomes, for these two nights, a gigantic venue-hopping scene with hundreds of fans scurrying here and there hoping to get a seat or at least to get inside see as many of the fisher poets as possible. But, there is simply no way to see all your favorites, much less check out participants you’ve heard about and admired from afar but never met or heard in person.

Nevertheless, I’m excited. It’ll be a great way to see in the beginning of my 80th year! Maybe I should wear a bow (rhyme it with go!) after all!


  1. Patty Hardin

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ll be reading at Kala Gallery starting at 3:10 p.m., from the fisher poet’s anthology and also at 5 p.m.

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Have a happy happy time, Sydney!

  3. Anne Kepner

    Great way to celebrate! Enjoy your day(s).


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