Me? A blogger? How did that happen?

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The Daily News, May 2013

The Daily News, May 2013

It still confounds me a bit when I am identified by people as a “blogger.” It seems strange enough that I am considered a “historian” – a term I feel rightfully belongs to the academicians who were specifically trained in that field. That I’m interested in history and that I enjoy researching and writing about its mysteries seems different, somehow.

The ‘blogger’ handle is even stranger. It’s not that I eschew being one, but I have yet to wrap my mind around it being an occupation by which one can be identified. To me, it’s rather like saying someone is a letter-writer or a jigsaw player – it’s something they do but is not an occupation by which they should be defined. More than 200 million blogs in existence at last count probably proves me wrong.

in "Books" by Caroline Miller, January 2013

in “Books” by Caroline Miller, January 2013

Still, I do follow several blogs, myself, and certainly do not categorize their creators as ‘bloggers.’ Perhaps that is because their blogs come from an interest or a passion or a desire to inform and connect; they don’t blog for a living. Not many people do. Which, when I consider those 200 million people who are blogging away, makes me think a bit about the need we humans have to express ourselves – hopefully to someone who cares.

But, as I would be the first to say, blogging is far more than a vehicle for self-expression. Through my “Oysterville Daybook,” I’ve ‘met’ dozens of like-minded people, have communicated with descendants (heretofore unknown to me) of some of Oysterville’s pioneers and have found long-searched-for answers to questions I’d given up researching long ago. Plus, I like to think that I’ve inspired a few others to begin blogs.

So, maybe “blogger” is not such a strange niche in which to be placed, after all. The company is excellent and the feedback from readers more than equals the expenditure of effort at my end. Still, I think I’d rather just be known as “Sydney of Oysterville”… in case anyone asks.


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