Lookie! Lookie! A Luau for Nick!

Dec 1, 2015 | 0 comments

IMG_0810As we rolled onto the Peninsula yesterday afternoon, we took the front road rather than the back. I wanted to see if there was anything up on the reader boards about the December 8th Luau for Nick Wilson-Codega. And there was! It was in front of the Lost Roo which was totally appropriate, because that’s where we’ll be gathering a week from today to feast and party and raise a glass for our young friend Nick. who is suffering from stage four esophageal cancer.

I didn’t see anything up on the reader boards at the Bank of Pacific in Long Beach or Ocean Park. Not yet. But the requests are in. Reader boards and posters are the traditional way to spread the word about important events here on the Peninsula. No doubt texts and tweets and social media are also playing their part these days, but I feel more secure when the words are right up there for everyone to see as they drive by.

OP-EXT-2-1024x625Posters, too, are out and about and, as of today, tickets will be on pre-sale, according to King-of-Barbecues-at-the-Beach Ed Ketel, who is organizing of the event.  You can get your tickets at the Oceanside Animal Clinic, at the Ocean Park Pharmacy or at the Roo. And, of course, they will be available at the event which happens from 3:00 to 8:00 December 8th. Sushi appetizers, roast pork (from a whole hog with King Ketel at the BBQ controls) and all the trimmings. Plus music by Fred Carter and Brian O’Connor and maybe others.

#157 Ed and Catherine KetelAll of that and more for $25. The sponsors (Oceanside Animal Clinic, Peninsula Pharmacies and the Lost Roo) are taking not a penny. Every bit of the money will go to Nick to help him along on his difficult journey. And the other good news, according to a note from Nick’s mom in Seattle:
We are holding steady.  Nick was accepted into the clinical trial, which starts in mid-December… so we just need to get from here to there.


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