Lollygagging at Adelaide’s

Aug 18, 2018 | 1 comment

You don’t get to lollygag very often during summer.  Not when you live at the beach.  When you are just visiting?  Yes.  But when you live at a high-profile tourist destination, there is “no rest for the wicked” as my sainted mother used to say.  Not in summer.

So, on the days that there is white space on our calendar and we feel that we have used our time wisely around the home place, we often head for Adelaide’s for an afternoon coffee break.  Why Adelaide’s?  It’s close by — ten minutes at a legal speed.  Good coffee (decaf mocha for me, double espresso for Nyel; mine as hot as possible, his iced in summer).  Plus, there are lots of other goodies if we so desire (which we almost never do.)  Plus, we often see people we know (which is pleasant) and, more than once, I’ve been pointed out as the author of a book someone is buying and I always love that celebrity feeling when I’m asked for my signature!

Yesterday afternoon was a perfect time for lollygagging outside.  That doesn’t happen very often for me.  I must be still a California girl at heart because I don’t really feel warm until the temperature is a degree or so away from 80.  And no wind!  Yesterday it was probably the no wind part that drew us out to the Adirondack chairs to sit and sip.  Our coffees were even delivered to us!

Adelaide’s at the Taylor Hotel by Jean Stamper

And there we sat, sipping and enjoying the passing parade for thirty or forty minutes.  Just enough time to regroup.  Just enough time to enjoy one another’s company.  Just enough time to ruminate on how lucky we are to be in this (relatively) peaceful corner of the world during these turbulent and uncertain times.  I highly recommend lollygagging!  At Adelaide’s!

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  1. Marion

    Your visit to Adelaide’s, sitting out on the porch with your coffees, chatting, and feeling thankful for living in your peaceful corner of the world sounded wonderful. I think it is very healthy to be able to do this type of thing once in a while as so many of us are on a constant roll feeling we need to get this done and be involved in that etc. etc. Keep it up & keep smiling.


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