…and Michael cooked, of course!

Aug 17, 2018 | 0 comments

I can’t think when we were all together last.  Ten years ago?  Maybe thirty?  Ever?  The Frank Family, Patty and Noel, and us.  The arranging was done by Michael who is now older than I was when we first met … by a darned sight.  So is his brother Steven.  And the next generation – several kids as tall as I am… how could that be?

I’d like to say we did a lot of catching up, but no, we didn’t.  I’d like to say we began conversations where we had left off.  But we didn’t do that either.  It was all about now – Michael’s book tour in Italy and Steven’s new book Class Action and a righteous discussion about pro-choice and ICE and maybe just a tad of personal talk among us elderly about the aging process and how we dislike it.  And lots of hugging.

Was it like we’d never missed a beat?  Not exactly… except when we realized that the next generation – Martie and Merona’s grandchildren – have joined the ranks of “young people” with talents and opinions and interests of their own.  Not surprising on the one hand, but overwhelming and fabulous on the other.  Especially, that we could be there, all of us together!

There wasn’t time to take it all in.  Did I say more than two words to Patty?  Did I tell Michael how delicious the dinner was – eggplant parmesano, green beans and, for dessert, still hot-out-of-the-oven blackberry cobbler with ice cream.  The evening ended too soon.  And even if it’s tomorrow (which is impossible) our next gathering will be too long in coming.  That’s just the way it is with old friends.


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