Let’s see who salutes!

Apr 30, 2014 | 7 comments


Sydney at Work

Not too many days ago, a reader wrote and told me that he refused to think of my daily writing as ‘a blog’ which he equates with people yammering on about their health and angst and issues and other inconsequential matters.  He feels that what I write is above all that (!) and he refers to my entries by their proper title, the “Oysterville Daybook.”  Well… at least that’s the gist of what he said.  I wish I had copied it out then and there because, of course, now I can’t find it, can’t remember exactly what he said and, worst of all, can’t remember who he was!  If you were the one, weigh in!!

I’m mentioning this as a segue into the Big News that I’m taking a break for a few weeks, part of which is to ponder whether or not the Oysterville Daybook is the stuff books are made of – not virtual-blog-type-books, but real, honest-to-goodness hold-‘em-in-your-hands and dog-ear-the-corners kind of book.  It’s a thought I had way back in March 2010 when I began the Daybook and the lovely man who wrote the kind words above (probably much puffed up in my memory) has reminded me that time marches on.

At www.sydneyofoysterville.com

At www.sydneyofoysterville.com

My original idea was to write for two or three years and then “cherry pick” the best of the entries and put together a fictitious “year” for publication.  I thought about choosing the best for each of the January 1st dates, the January 2nd dates, and so on.  Then I thought the heck with that.  I’ll just choose the best 365 out of the total number, and fake the dates.  Or… who knows?

However, now that the Daybook is in its fifth year, the task of going back and re-reading and choosing blog by blog looms very large indeed.  I know that some entries are repetitive so setting aside the best one of those should be fairly easy.  Then there are some that might fall into categories – our chickens, the garden, family history, people of note.  Those might be harder – especially the ones about the girls.  I think there must be more than 1,500 entries by now and it will take some doing to pick and choose.

Up the Flagpole

Up the Flagpole

So, I hit upon the idea of asking my readers to tell me what their favorites have been.  And maybe their least favorite, too.  No more than three favorites.  Only one least favorite.  I make no promises about using your suggestions but if a book ever comes of it, you can be sure you’ll find your name in the acknowledgements.  Since I’m taking a “sabbatical” for a couple of weeks beginning tomorrow, readers can use their usual reading time to scroll back, re-read, and make a choice or two.

This definitely comes under the category of “Let’s Run It up the Flagpole and See Who Salutes.”  I look forward to seeing who will respond and which entries stand out.  I hope readers will actually give me the title or at least the date that the entry appeared.  Thanks in advance to all of you who give this a whirl!


  1. sandy stonebreaker

    This will be fun if I can find all the entries. Certainly think it is an idea worth more than pondering.

  2. Nancy

    Sydney: Count me in and on for the project. I will get the results of my looking back and re-enjoying as soon as I am able.

  3. Diane Buttrell

    I love all those wherein you used “segued”;
    I love hearing how quickly your second (third?) graders grasped grammar via sentence diagrams.
    I loved those wherein you spoke graciously of Hal or me…
    I’ve loved “getting to know you” via your words…

  4. Louise Labby Carroll

    Got such a giggle from the entry re Oysterville’s so-called “red light district”. Such a tiny burb with such a colorful past.

    Also love any entry about the changes to buildings/houses whether new construction or adding onto/refurbishing the older “ladies”.

  5. Jenny

    Although I miss reading a daily post…it’s fun to re-read your previous posts, and makes me long to visit Oysterville more than ever!

    So far two of my favorites:
    Morning Watch 6/15/12
    Snow Falling on Chickens 2/9/14

    I will continue to peruse the archives when free moments present themselves, and contribute as a “Salute” to your Daybook and the joy it brings.

    • sydney

      Thanks for the feed-back, Jenny! It spurs me onward!

  6. George and Omar

    Sydney, we love all of your daily post. It is so great to find out what is going on on the Long Beach Peninsula and Oysterville. Your information is so much better than we can find in the Chinook Observer.

    Although we do not get down to the Peninsula very often it is a great way to keep up with what is going on in Oysterville and the Stevens.

    Thank you for all the effort you put into your “Daybook”.


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