Let’s hear it for the relatives!

Apr 29, 2014 | 0 comments

Wachsmuth's Back Yard

Back Yard in Readiness

As I walked over to the church yesterday to replenish the walking tours, I saw a familiar-looking person hard at work over in Carol and Tucker’s backyard.  He was pushing and pulling a garden rake in that rhythmic, graceful way that only someone who knows what they’re doing can manage.  It was Tucker’s cousin Larry – a man with vast experience and expertise in landscaping.

I paused a moment to watch him, thinking how lucky Carol and Tucker are to have Larry’s assistance in replacing their lawn now that the construction of their house is winding down.  Perfect timing, too!  By summer their garden should be back to “normal” – probably better than…– and ready for the Wachsmuth Family’s many friends and relatives to enjoy.

Kitchen Garden Pathway

Kitchen Garden Pathway

My mind wandered a bit to all the help my own cousins have given to Nyel and me over the years.  Dan and Abby spent an afternoon once stacking wood – no reason, except it was there and they were here and… they’re cousins!  And the time that Rob and Anna  installed the rock and pavers in our kitchen garden as a thank-you for letting them use our yard for their pre-wedding dinner.  (I really think we came out the winners on that one!  I thank them every single day when I go out that way to feed the chickens.)

And the time that Cuzzins Cheryl and Virg helped me weed the south garden beds because Nyel was recouping from surgery and I needed some serious muscle power.  Or how about the time ‘way back when’ that our Jefferson cousins Phil and his dad, Elmer, came and helped scrape the east side of the house to prep it for painting?



I really can’t say enough about our relatives and all the help they have given us over the years.  I feel beholden.  Our piddly little forays to check on the Red House during the occasional winter freeze, or our gifts of a dozen eggs now and then, or our open invitation to the kids to visit our girls – those things just don’t seem to equal all that hard physical labor.

So, thanks to Larry and Tucker for triggering all those cousinly thoughts!  And here’s to all the relatives who visit us Oystervillians now and again!  We love you – with or without your rakes and muscles!  Hip hip hooray and Woot Woot!


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