Late Breaking News: Here comes the cavalry!

Jan 27, 2021 | 1 comment

Screen Shot

I had so many responses to my blog about scheduling the Covid-19 vaccinations that my friend Cate Gable wrote yesterday afternoon:  “Forward to whoever missed the first round.”  And she sent this link for us to copy and paste into our browsers:
A breaking news alert from The Seattle Times. View in your browser.

As it turns out, the information was all over the news yesterday, but on the off-chance you haven’t heard yet, I am following her advice and posting the link, hoping that “whoever missed the first round” will see this.  At this point, you may know as much as Cate or I do.  If so, please do share.)

Hoping for Full Speed Ahead

The missing part, of course, is that we have no idea what comes next for us in Pacific County.  How will folks on the wait list be notified?  By email? When should people start calling the Pacific County Health Department???  Or will that be the system the next time around? I really have no idea.  All I can say is, “Watch your emails.  Listen to those robocalls on the off-chance there will be a clue.”

I wish you good luck.  I hope this bit of information doesn’t add to anyone’s stress.  That’s the last thing any of us needs right now!  And do let us know if you have additional information that will help!

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  1. Amelia Wachsmuth

    thats good, i hope everyone gets vaccines! they don’t have enough for medical staff here in oregon, its good though that they are getting more there. my mom has already gotten her first covid shot ands getting her second soon. hopefully they will get more and keeps going down the line so we can do more in the public and less time stuck at home.


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