It’s just hard to tell…

Jan 26, 2021 | 1 comment

Christmas Cheer, Maybe

I’ve long said that it’s hard to tell with chickens.  But I’m happy to report that now that we are all working on our communication skills — me, chicken-speak; they, English — things seem to be moving right along.  However, communication is not without its pitfalls.  Take yesterday morning, for instance.

I wanted to step out the south door and take quick picture of the rhododendron just across the lawn from me.  I wanted to see if I could identify it by comparing photos with images of January-blooming rhododendrons posted online.  “Quick!” I thought.  “Before the rain really gets going.”

January In Our South Garden

But no sooner had I opened the door than here came Little Red Hen and Clara, lickety-cut, right up onto the porch.  Luckily, I was prepared and scattered some mealworms for them.  But, NO!  LRH came right over and began head-butting my legs, making it very clear that she wanted to eat right out of my hand.  No bending and pecking for her.  And, of course, when Clara saw what was happening, she joined in the nudging and pleading game.  And here came Slutvana as well.

I finally broke away and took my pictures, convincing the girls to hunt for a few more morsels out on the lawn.  But, my rhododendron ID search wasn’t all that satisfactory after all.  I think this beauty could be one of three varieties — Christmas Cheer, Nobleanum Venustum , or Harry Carter.  Apparently, it’s hard to tell with rhododendrons…

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    You are lucky that it is blooming! Middle of Winter – cute about the chickens! Debbie


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