Just Resting My Brain

Feb 2, 2022 | 2 comments

Many of my friends — even those considerably younger than I — have reached the age of “senior moments.”  The Meriam Webster Dictionary defines such a moment as “an instance of momentary forgetfulness or confusion that is attributed to the aging process” and further mentions “septuagenarian” as the age range when this begins to become apparent.

I’m here to say that by the time you enter your eighties, senior moments are de rigueur.  Sometimes conversations with other octogenarians involve more moments than words.  By this time of life, however, another disruption to the thinking process begins to occur.  I don’t know that there is an official name for it.  I just call it a “Brain Nap.”  It works like this.

As we are beginning to stir and stumble for the day, Nyel (whose mobility issues prevent him from getting into his closet) says, “I need clean clothes.”  That’s my clue  to get him a shirt and trousers (my choice, usually) and take them into the bedroom where he is getting dressed.  I, perhaps taking my morning pills or dispensing my eyedrops) say, “Okay.”  I finish whatever I’m doing, head for the closet, and then comes the Brain Nap.

I know I am on a dedicated journey… but for what?  What was I just doing?  What am I supposed to be doing now?  I’m sure if someone were to observe me, I’d have a totally blank (read stupid) expression on my face.  (I can only hope it’s more “thoughtful” than “stupid.”)  There seems to be no logical way to get back to what I’m supposed to be doing — not by recounting what I was just doing, not by thinking of various reasons I might have headed for the closet, nothing.

And then, suddenly “I’m back.”  Sometimes I first have to ask Nyel, “Do you know what I was on my way to do?”  Fortunately, he is not yet an octogenarian and he can tell me precisely what I need to know.  I dread the day (several years hence) when we both go into Brain Nap mode simultaneously.  Usually, though, I snap back all by myself — for reasons known only to my brain.  So far, too, these brief Brain Naps only occur when I’m on my way to do something — not when I’m at my computer tapping out important words of wisdom.  Like these.



  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz… thank you with all my heart for actually SAYING and then having the audacity to PRINT IT! Man, oh Manischewitz (you have to be at least 80 years of age to recognize that statement)… you are One Brave Little Chickie and I don’t mean the kind YOU foster, I mean the kind we all admired in the 50’s. Right On, Sistah!!! Thank you so very much! KK

    • sydney

      Kuzzin Kris, You are a riot!! It took no courage AT ALL to talk about my aging brain, but I thank you for the kudos. Now, if I were to talk about some of the other issues that our folks called “the secrets of old age” — you know, the ones involved with dribbling and oozing — now THAT would be brave. And that brave I’m not. Not yet!
      Love you to pieces,


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