The Continuing Saga

Feb 3, 2022 | 2 comments

Today is Go-Get-A-Battery-Day.  It was going to be Go-Get-A-New-Car-Day but after doing our homework and making a few phone calls, we have discovered that THAT’s not what’s going to happen.  Not for a while.  Our car of choice, a Prius XLE  is not to be found in the Pacific Northwest at the present time — at least not between here and Portland.  Nor are any of the other 2022 Prius models available, according to the sales people at Lum’s.  The closest they could come when we talked to them Tuesday was a new 2019 Prius which, at that moment was on their lot.  So far, that’s a “no.”

Who knew?  When I looked at their website on Sunday, it showed two (count ’em — one, two) 2022 Prius models on their lot.  Apparently, they are going like hotcakes and (as you might expect) it’s one of those “supply chain” things.  I almost blurted out a nonsensical response to that but, fortunately didn’t.

What I wanted to say had to do with our grocery experience on Tuesday.  When we went to pick up our order (which Nyel had e-mailed in the night before) there were many substitutions — more than usual.  (Since Covid, we’ve been doing most of our shopping online — ordering and picking up our groceries at Fred Meyer.)  We’ve been experiencing more “substitutions” the last six weeks or so and some of them are really not acceptable.  So we refused the offending substitutes and I said, “What’s going on? “

Shouldn’t have asked…  The delivery guy was a little short in his reply: “It’s a vendor thing, Ma’am.  It’s happening all over the country.”  My smart-ass reply was right on the tip of my tongue but, I did not say, “Not at Jack’s.  Jack’s has everything.”  No.  I did not say that.

Yesterday, I went to Jack’s (masked and trepidatious, but it was fine) on the search for the four most important items that Freddy’s couldn’t give us.  And guess what?  I got all four — and exactly the brands I wanted!  Jack’s DOES have everything!  (But I’m not too sure about the Toyota Prius.  I’m still glad I didn’t blurt out “We’ll see about that.  Jack’s has everything!” when I heard Lum’s “supply” reasons.)


  1. Cyndy Hayward

    There’s a common bait-and-switch tactic with car dealerships: show a variety of models and colors in their online inventory to get you into their showroom. The hope is the customer will think, “Aw jeez, I drove all this way. Maybe that other model they’re pushing is okay.” It happened to me years ago, after driving all the way to Longview for a Subaru. None of the advertised models were there, but I did buy instead a more tricked-out Outback than I otherwise would have. Caveat Emptor

  2. Kristina Jones

    Hi Beloved Cuz! Good For YOU!!! Stick with your guns; power up your ammo; you got it in ONE!!! (And, yes, of course, Jack’s DOES have everything!) Love, KK


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