January Is Soup Month!

Jan 16, 2016 | 3 comments

Abby's Soup

Abby’s Soup

This is the third Saturday of the month and Chef Nyel is in the kitchen working on la soupe du jour which, actually in our house is the soup of the week, not the day. We decided on January 1st that it would be a soup-and-salad month, mostly in the interest of losing a pound or two. The way it works is to have one or the other (soup or salad) for lunch or dinner, or vice-versa. Not both. So far, so good.

Week one was African peanut soup – my favorite! The recipe is from Maggie Stuckey’s Soup Night and the only difficulty with the finished product is confining intake to one bowl per meal. That caveat, of course, is part of the weight-loss project – as is no accompanying bread or crackers.

Maggie Stuckey

Maggie Stuckey

Week two was Southwest Lentil Soup, also from Maggie’s book, but originally from me. It involves linguiça, my all-time favorite sausage, but it’s a hearty soup and I don’t have trouble stopping at bowl one. It does cry out for French bread, though. Fortunately, my druthers would be San Francisco French bread which is unavailable here in the Northwest (no matter what they say). When we were in the City by the Golden Gate last month, I ate my fill; hence, the need for our Soup-of-the-Month ‘diet’.

Cheryl's Salad

Cheryl’s Salad

This week it’s going to be red beans and rice with chicken – also from Soup Night. We actually had a variation of that recipe at Maggie’s ten days or so ago. It was delicious and immediately went on the month’s menu list.

I don’t know if we will continue with the soup plan throughout the winter. It certainly won’t be limited by ‘possibilities’. Just this morning Nyel mentioned that there is still kale in our garden – not my favorite of the greens, but he does make a delicious kale soup… Come to think of it, the decision to carry on will probably depend not upon the available soup varieties, but upon the scales. Sigh!


  1. Jane E Smith

    I was just thumbing through my Soup Night book yesterday as I was recommending it to a friend. I have loved every soup recipe I have made from that book. African Peanut Soup is one of my favorites too! The Cream of Anything Green soup has made many a meal for us.

  2. Maggie Stuckey

    Thank you, Jane. And Thanks to Sydney and Nyel.
    Did you all know that January is National Soup Month?
    And what better way to warm the cockles of your heart (and tummy) in this yucky weather!

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    I was going to make a casserole, but switched to crockpot soup because of your blog!


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