It’s all over but the singing!

Aug 31, 2012 | 1 comment

Labor Day weekend!  Hard to believe.  The summer has gone by in a whirl of people and parties and fun with some important milestones along the way – Louise’s memorial celebration, the goodbye party for Storekeeper John and Postmaster Jean, and Nyel’s birthday bash in Tokeland.

This weekend will be in keeping with the whirlwind of activities that have punctuated the past three months. Saturday is the Oysterville Restoration Foundation’s (ORF’s) annual get-together with the Lower Columbia Preservation Society (LCPS). Sunday is the final vespers program at the church plus a large family reunion at the north end of town and a wedding at the south end!

Tomorrow’s ORF/LCPS get-together is to be a potluck picnic at the old Quarantine Station at Knappton Cove.  The featured event will be a special tour and a look at the latest preservation projects and plans.  I’m a sucker for “field trips” and am excited about the prospect, even though I’ve been there many times before.  (Along those lines, I was surprised at the number of folks who declined the invitation with comments of ‘been there, done that.’  Hmm.)

For us, the highlights on Sunday will be the Williams Family Reunion set for noonish at the Red House followed by Vespers at 3:00 at the church with Pastor John Indermark and musicians Cate and Starla Gable.  Both events, one notoriously noisy and one soothingly melodious, will undoubtedly be attended by people we know and love and see not as often as we’d like.  A fitting end to Summer 2012!

And on Labor Day… we’ll rest.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    What a lovely way to end the Summer and welcome Autumn Sydney, but I know one more event to look forward to that will be the cherry on the top of the season. We will even have a gimpy Dave to bring to Oysterville!


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