…and there the similarity ends…

Aug 30, 2012 | 2 comments

Nyel’s summer fence project is coming right along.  So far, he has replaced all the posts and the rails to the north of the gate.  He has repaired the rotten parts of both gate sections, has pressure washed all of the pickets, and has begun applying primer.

Every morning, he sets up shop outside the garage and methodically uses measuring tapes and levels and plumb lines and other fence-mending implements.  There are sawhorses and posthole diggers and a hammer or two.  It looks very busy out there but, in truth, it goes slower than we would wish.

Part of the problem is that, just like Tom Sawyer, Nyel is creating a great deal of interest among the passersby.  Tourists stop to admire his work, then notice the cannon just inside the erstwhile fence, and then there usually ensues a lively discussion about its reason for being.  Neighbors stop by, too, not only to cheer Nyel on, but sometimes to impart advice or talk about other village matters of importance.

Several people have even suggested that he try the old Tom Sawyer trick in an effort to get some assistance with the project.  There the similarity to everyone’s favorite barefoot boy ends for, not surprisingly, none of these wags have actually offered to help, much less to pay Nyel for the privilege.  Mark Twain should never have made that ploy so well known.

Our lunch and dinner breaks (yes, sometimes he’s on a roll and works right up until dark!) are livelier than usual.  There are always conversations about the people who have stopped to visit or, perhaps the latest peninsula rumors or village gossip which has been passed along.  Talk about women visiting over the back fence!  Men visiting over the partial front fence seem to do a fine job, themselves!

We are hopeful that the good weather will last a while longer – at least long enough to close in the yard so the chickens can free range once more.  No doubt we’ll miss hearing the late breaking news of the village, though…


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    You could probably sit on your front porch and find out plenty, Sydney. Oysterville is quieter than Ilwaco where the cars race by our porch. You get a lot of foot traffic.

    I’m glad that Nyel’s project is coming along. Our fences is as well. Mychael got four more sections done. If we had been able to buy more pickets he might be doing four more this weekend, but hopefully next weekend we can bring him more pickets and the job can continue.


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