It’ll Be Simply The Maggiest!

Dec 5, 2016 | 0 comments

Adelaide's at the Taylor Hotel by Jean Stamper

Adelaide’s at the Taylor Hotel by Jean Stamper

If you’ve never been to a Book Talk by Maggie Stuckey, GO!  Your first opportunity is this Thursday, December 8th, from 3:00 to 5:00 at Adelaide’s in Ocean Park.  And if you have been to one of Maggie’s Book Talks in the past, this one is guaranteed to be the Maggiest one yet!

Here is her plan:
1] I’ll be talking a bit about writing and publishing, using three of my books as examples of how writers move from the acorn of an idea, to a fully developed manuscript, to a successful published book. This will, of course, mostly appeal to those of you who are writers, or know someone who is, or are just curious about the process.

maggie-stuckeyI have to butt in a bit here and say… NOT!  It will appeal all manner of folks – not just the wannabes and the curious but to readers who just want to know how a writer thinks.  It’s the same as my curiosity about how an artist or a carpenter thinks.  I don’t want to paint or build but I am very interested in how people do what they do – especially if they are good at it.  And Maggie is very, very good at writing.  And at getting published.

People ask me all the time about the writing process and I’m afraid I’m not very articulate about it.  Unlike Maggie, I have never made my living solely from writing and so, when I get something published I jump up and down and thank the gods for my good luck.  Maggie, on the other hand, knows exactly how to write, how to get what she writes published, and how to work successfully with all the people involved in that process so that they will be eager to hear from her again.  And again!

Next Maggie says:
Soup Night Cover[2] The much larger part is about the Soup Night tradition, in which neighborhood groups all around the country are creating a strong sense of community through the simple act of getting together on a regular basis for a simple soup supper. Some of these groups — and some of the recipe creators — are right here on the Peninsula.  And here’s the best part: You’ll get to sample delicious bread and homemade soup, courtesy of Full Circle Cafe, while I tell stories about the magic of soup.

It promises to be an absolutely full-to-overflowing program, chock full of information, inspiration, and with taste treats besides.  But, again, I have to correct Maggie just a tad…  The very best part of Thursday’s book talk is that you will have the opportunity to buy one or two of Maggie’s books.  I recommend her Soup Night as a Christmas gift for almost anyone (and everyone) on your list.  Besides… isn’t it a rule that if you give someone a recipe book they are obligated to ask you to dinner?  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


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