A Winter Weenie in the Fearsome Flurries

Dec 6, 2016 | 1 comment

Yesterday on Highway 30

Yesterday on Highway 30

We weren’t carrying chains and hadn’t resorted to snow tires yet this year, but here came winter!  Beautiful big flakes of it as we headed east out of Astoria on Highway 30.  I didn’t like it.  Not one bit.  I am a Winter Weenie of the Maximum Variety.  Don’t like the cold.  Don’t like the slushy, freezing wet.  And especially I don’t like driving in it with no preparation.

But, we had yet another medical appointment in Portland and, after checking the weather reports, the highway cams, the FaceBook pages of unseen road companions, we decided to go for it.  It helps a lot that we have a great heating system (right down to the seats) in our little Prius.   And a thermos of hot decaf coffee.  And, of course, that Nyel was driving.  Had I been at the wheel, the speedometer needle would never have gone above the 35 mark.

The Oceti Sakowin camp near Standing Rock.

The Oceti Sakowin camp near Standing Rock.

For as long as we could get KMUN, we listened to the news – much of it about Standing Rock.  Now that the Army Corps has ordered a more in-depth environmental study, Tribal Chairman of the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota Dave Archambault II has suggested that the thousands of protestors gathered at the pipeline site go home.  Time for supporters to return to their homes and spend time with families and loved ones.

But there were mixed messages coming from ‘both camps.’  The DAPL (Dakota Access Pipe Line) people say they will proceed anyway.  Some protesters said they are staying anyway.  There is speculation about President-Elect Trump’s position and what he might say and do.  And winter has arrived in North Dakota Big Time.  The only ‘given’ is the cold.  And in North Dakota, that is serious business.

Winter at Standing Rock

Winter at Standing Rock

As I watched the slushy road on our way to Portland, I thought about all those intrepid supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux – digging in for winter.  Real winter.  The kind that looks romantic and beautiful in the pictures but takes knowledge, skill, and determination to live in – especially in a teepee!  I am full of admiration, good thoughts.  And prayers.

Meanwhile… we are hitting the road again this morning – on our way across the river to get our snow tires in place.  We still have some traveling to do between now and the end of the snow season.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I’ve a friend with cousins in ND and he told how bitter it is back there. I admire everyone who has stood with Standing Rock.


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