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Jun 9, 2015 | 5 comments

A Sunrise on Willapa Bay

A Sunrise on Willapa Bay

It used to be – like last year? – I could hit a button or two on my computer and have a ‘visit’ with my friends while I enjoyed a second cup of early morning coffee. I could find out what was happening in their worlds and what they thought about it. I could spend fifteen or twenty minutes catching up with personal news and even a little bit of friendly gossip before facing my corner of the universe for the day. I liked beginning my day that way. It made FaceBook worthwhile.

But now? Not so much. Even if I am on the “recent news” choice of that “News Feed” button, I’m getting recycled media videos, commercially produced slogans (presumably ‘words to live by’) and even advertisements that some FaceBook friends apparently feel I need to know about. There is very little personal news coming to my cyberspace receiver.

Oysterville Visitor

Oysterville Visitor

I wonder why. Is it because people are shying away from sending personal information over the World Wide Web? That’s probably a fairly good reason and one I shouldn’t argue with. But I suspect that most of the canned messages I’m getting are sent because my ‘friends’ think that they, themselves, can’t say whatever-it-is as well and, for some reason, they are thinking that everyone they know needs these kinds of cute or moralistic or shocking statements to be restated.

I’m happy to go on record as saying those messages are not what I want to read on FaceBook. I want to hear the actual, really-o-truly-o thoughts of my friends. I don’t really care if their messages are ‘deep’ or ‘have a ring to them’ or ‘are worth repeating.’

At Betsy's House

At Betsy’s House

For me, that’s not the point of a friendly contact. I can get all those lofty ‘words-to-live-by’ messages in other places if I want them. But I can’t turn to the New York Times or to YouTube or to a quote-of-the-day site to learn that a friend enjoyed a fabulous sunrise or has a new grandchild or is learning to knit. And I’d rather hear their own reasons for supporting a political candidate or for disagreeing with the pundits – not the slick PR versions that are glutting our minds.

Not that this rant will get me any place – except maybe a lot of unwanted advice about unfriending folks or just scrolling through quickly and ignoring what I don’t like. Yeah. I know all that. I just needed to rant about the facelessness of FaceBook.


  1. Linda J


  2. brigid

    Exactly. I feel the same way.

  3. Vicki Carter

    I agree!
    Most of the stuff on facebook now is really easy to scroll through, because I don’t need to hear it. I really enjoy the personal tidbits!

  4. Patricia

    Couldn’t have said it any better! Completely agree. And…I don’t understand why I can’t unsubscribe to some of the “canned sites” that magically show up in my news feed. Never thought it was a good use of my time anyway.

  5. Marta

    I agree…somewhat….However, being the self-appointed fb town crier, I post alternative news & other POVs that are not in mainstream news, printed or televised. Fbook has been a great tool to diseminate alternative ideas & solutions to many of the challenging issues of our day & has provided a far-reaching positive platform for grassroots movements from anti-fracking to gathering support for Bernie Sanders presidential campaign to saving our bees. I believe it has been 1 of the most effective ways to mobilize us, the 99% & to effect real & positve change. Where else can we, the people, freely get the word out about issues concerning our economic & ecological well-being? The 1% own the airwaves & printed media & can blast us w. their disinformation; that we can utilize fbook to tell the other side of the story, to me is essential at this point in time!


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