“Into The Woods”

Jul 11, 2012 | 1 comment

As far as my memory serves, last Sunday’s vesper presentation at the church was a first – at least with regard to the music portion.  Never before have we been treated to excerpts from a musical-in-rehearsal.  The glimpse of the PAPA’s (Peninsula Association of Performing Artists) upcoming production of “Into the Woods” was a delight.

In fact, I was so enchanted that, even though I had positioned myself in a down-front pew so that I could take pictures, I totally forgot to use my camera.  I was absolutely transported by the ‘fractured fairy tale’ characters in front of me – Jack, the baker, his wife, Cinderella and the witch.  Especially the witch!

As I watched Cindy Flood, bent over and ominously thumping her gnarled walking stick on the ground (she said later that there was no type-casting), I was reminded of advice early Peninsula Players’ director Lawrence Lessard gave the Shoalwater Storytellers thirty-some years ago.  One of us complained that we could never “come up” to his on-stage portrayals.

“I’m not going to tone it down, not going to play it less broad,” he said.  “You’ll have to bring your performances up to meet mine.”  We thought it was a tall order.  He was experienced; we were not.  He was a natural; we were not.  But, in time, we managed.

Cindy was fabulous and, from what we saw, the rest of the cast is right up there with her.  Stephen Sondheim (who wrote the music and lyrics) would be proud.  I certainly was – just because I knew some of the players and because it was all happening at the Oysterville Church.

Will Nyel and I be going to the full production at the Columbia State Park Theatre?  You bet!

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  1. Jo

    Thanks for the review of “Into the Woods”. I’d like to attend the full production, myself. Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend Vespers later in the summer. Have fun.


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