In Celebration of an Upstanding Man!

Dec 21, 2014 | 2 comments

On Two Legs with Michale and Petra

On Two Legs with Michael and Petra

The Big Blowout Christmas Party tradition in this house began back in the 1970s when my folks retired here to Oysterville. I think the first few years it was a fund-raiser for the then-almost-derelict Baptist Church. By the early 1980s, the ownership and responsibility for the church had been transferred to the Oysterville Restoration Foundation and the building had been fully restored. But the annual Christmas Parties here continued.

When Dad died in 1992, we began taking Mom to L.A. every other year to spend Christmas with Charlie. On the opposite years we were in Oysterville and we helped Mom continue the party tradition. After all, by then she was definitely considered the Pearl Mesta of the North End – and remained a true Party Girl, well into her nineties.

Crab Legs

Crab Legs at the Ready

The every-other-year party tradition has been more or less consistent since 1998 when we moved into the house and, for a number of years, our friend Gordon gave lip-service to having his ‘big Christmas do’ in the off-years. But, of course, being Gordon (the Pearl Mesta of Long Beach), most years he decided that he’d have a party anyway – never mind that it wasn’t “his” year.

So, with one thing and another our tidy schedule has gone off in that proverbial hand bucket. This year, although it should be an off-to-L.A. year, Nyel’s recovery from his allograft reconstruction surgery has meant staying close to home for his intensive physical therapy schedule.  So… we decided to have a small party, anyway —  for all the folks who helped us through those first ten non-ambulatory weeks after surgery.

Four Legs

With Four Legs Showing

In my opinion, the celebration was a total success. Almost everyone was able to come. The mood was festive, the food and drinks abundant, and the patient (resplendent in a suit and tie) enjoyed himself immensely.

I meant to make a speech at the height of things, pointing out the variety of assistance that everyone had provided – from meals delivered hot and ready to eat, to dominoes games and the daily New York Times and boxes of DVDs to help pass away the hours of immobility. People had been amazingly inventive with their help and I wanted to say so. But… I was too busy having a great time!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I have noticed that our class reunion’s that are on the small side are the most satisfying. You can have more satisfying conversations instead of the kind of “speed dating” that happens when you want to try to see EVERYONE before the event is over. I am so happy you had such a nice time!

  2. Caroline Miller

    One should party for any reason and any time in life. Keep up the spirit.


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