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Aug 14, 2023 | 2 comments

Dayle Olson, Interviewer Extraordinaire

I am sitting here all puffed up and rosy after hearing myself on the KMUN program “River Writers” being interviewed by Dayle Olson.  She is without a doubt THE best interviewer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  I say that because our half hour together (which was taped some time ago) was not only fun, but somehow made me sound pretty darned good.  I hope you can catch it somehow.  I think it’s the only time I’ve ever suggested that anyone listen to me!  I give full marks to moderator Dayle Olson who seemed to ask just the right questions in just the right order and had the perfect commentary to carry us along!

“Dear Medora”

We talked about how I began writing, about my “favorite” book, Dear Medora c. 2007, WSU Press), about what I’m working on now and my  plans for the near future.   I was even given an opportunity to read one of my “Saints or Sinners?” stories, now running weekly in the Chinook Observer.

We taped the show about a month ago and, in addition to my writing experiences, Dayle asked me about the upcoming (September 6th!) History Forum that I am helping to organize.  I was so very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about our plans — some of which are still evolving. Basically, it will be a First-Wednesday-of-the-Month (Sept. thru May) gathering of people interested in the history of Pacific County and SW Washington.

Oysterville Schoolhouse

We will devote each gathering to a general topic — “How We Got Here?” in September — have a few speakers to get us started, and then open it up for comments, questions, new information etc.  There will be no charge (except a donation basket toward upkeep of the historic schoolhouse) and we’ll fine-tune as we go.  I do hope some of the many folks who have responded to my blog over the years with history questions or information of their own will attend.

And, I hope you can find my half hour with Dayle Olson on the KMUN River Writer’s program!  Perhaps Dayle will weigh in and tell us all how to find it now that it is archived and available for re-listening.


  1. Robert O Gwinn

    Just caught your interview with Dayle Olson on the KMUN River Writer’s program. Wonderful!

    Sounds like I might be able to attend an History Forum session if it is held on November 1st. We will be at Ocean Park from Oct 23rd to Nov 2nd. Bonnie and I are still hoping to get together with you during our stay.

    I’ve begun reading Dear Medora and trying very hard not to jump ahead.

    • sydney

      See you November 1st if not before!
      (And no jumping before in Dear Medora!)


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