Summertime Is Cousins Catching Up Time!

Aug 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Alex, Katie, Maddie

A first cousin once removed (Alex), a first cousin twice removed (Maddie) and their “better third” (Katie) arrived Friday for a whirl-wind visit.  Their first stop (after a luggage deposit at the house) was the cemetery where they placed a flower on each of the graves in the Espy Plot!  That’s a good many flowers!

Like Willard and his father (Papa, my own grandfather) Alex and Maddie belong to the loquacious Espys.  Fortunately, Katie is both a good listener and can hold her own in any of the conversations the gabbling Espy descendents begin.  Plus she loves to cook (as I remember from her other visits.)  First words out of her mouth:  “I’d love to cook for you, Sydney.  What’s on your wish list?”  Or words to that effect!

Meanwhile, on Day Two of their visit, the doorbell rang and as I answered it a handsome young man said, “Hi Sydney!”  “Who are you?” was my less-than-intelligent remark.  “I’m Kahrs,” he said  as I added several years and maybe a foot or more to my mental image of the oldest of my Bemis cousins!  Wow!  Poised, confident, and the same age as Maddie, he had come to say “hello” AND offer his services.  “We’ll be here for two weeks, so if there’s anything you need, just give me a call,” he said.

Later, Alex and Maddie walked up to the Red House to meet the rest of the Bemis cousins and also the Spooner cousins who are in town.  Plus (I was amazed to hear), neither Maddie nor Alex had ever been in the Red House before.  Not surprising about Maddie, but Alex’s Mom, my first cousin, Mona, spent a lot of time in that house as a child.  She and her twin sister, Freddy, had even began 1st grade with Mrs. Bame at the Oysterville School in 1947.  During those post-war years, Willard was the family member who owned the house, later selling it to his first cousin, Barbara Espy Williams!

Red House Cousins’ Lemonade Sign from 2013

And, today after Vespers, the plan was that the Red House Cousins-of-the-week would be selling Lemonade right across from the Church — a traditional summer activity when they are here!  Yay!  I just love it when the Cousins are in town!  But, alas!  Something must have come up and there was no lemonade stand in sight — only the memory of past delights!  Oh well.  Maybe next week…





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