I’d rather have a root canal…

Aug 9, 2013 | 2 comments

Bluetooth Symbol

Bluetooth Symbol

It has taken us four (count ‘em FOUR!) trips across the river to get our Spiffy New Prius-C properly set up and running.  That’s because of its up-to-the-minute (at least I hope so) technology capabilities.  Mostly it’s because of that mysterious “built-in extra” (another oxymoron?) called Bluetooth.

All the Prius owners we know have told us what a valuable feature it is.  Naively, we thought it was all set up and ready to go.  Imagine our surprise when we found that, first of all, we need a Smart Phone to enable Bluetooth to work.

Once upon a time we had an I-Phone. Actually two I-Phones.  Even the cheapest “Plan” was spendy for us, so we thought it wise to drop our landline and just go with the I-Phones.  That worked for a few months and then in the mysterious way of telephone companies, we could no longer get an AT&T signal without walking up the street and standing (usually) in the rain.  We dropped out of the Smart Phone Club and went back to a land line (which of course cost us money in penalties and re-hooking-up etc.)

So, a few days after we got the Spiffy New Prius-C, we went back across the river to the new Verizon store.  (Our research among friends and neighbors resulted in high reception marks for Verizon right here at home.  Plus, as we speak, Verizon is building five – count ‘em FIVE – new cell towers in the area.)  We decided to get just one phone but the price was in the “let’s think about it” category.

We thought about it for a bit and then went right on over to CostCo where we made our purchase and saved a bundle.  Which brought up another point.  Why didn’t we get our Spiffy New Prius-C through CostCo?  Never even thought of it, that’s why.

Setting up the Blue Tooth turned out to be another nightmare. It required a trip back to Lum’s, the Car Dealer, where they did something-or-other, then over to the Verizon Store so they could do something-or-other-else.  We were told about Entune and the difference between I-Phones and Droids and a lot of other stuff which I promptly forgot. By this time we were on serious sensory overload.

Another trip to Lum’s to finally set up the Bluetooth feature.  I’m really not even sure what-all Bluetooth will do for us.  But it’s one of those things that you feel you should be taking advantage of… since it’s there.  It does irritate me a bit that the Spiffy New Prius-C wasn’t complete until we spent even more money on a Smart Phone.  Why isn’t a Smart Phone just included in the price and tucked into the glove bos if it’s necessary to access this (apparently) important marketing feature.

Root Canal

Root Canal Diagram

Nyel, of course is more reasonable about it.  “Sydney,” said he in that very patient voice that makes me feel like a stubborn six-year-old, “it’s been twelve years since we’ve bought a car.  Everyone else probably knows the drill…”  Drill.  Bluetooth.  Root Canal.

And, speaking of such, I drove the Spiffy New Prius-C to my dental appointment yesterday and I learned that the root canal I’ve been postponing for two and a half years is now imminent.  I made a another appointment.  At least my dentist is on this side of the river…


  1. Lorrie

    Let’s hope the root canal is less painful than the bluetooth experience!!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    A nine-year-old can help with a Bluetooth, but not a root canal. I’d rather find a nine-year-old!


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