Danielle, the Horse Girl!

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Danielle’s Book, Page Three

Danielle Wachsmuth was in town for a few days.  She was with her mom and dad and her little sister, Gabi.  And her horses.  “Only two,” her dad told me – a rather large stuffed one and a hobby horse.  His tone of voice implied that at home in Portland Danielle has many, many horses.

We were having this conversation as the family packed up their car to go back home.  I had hardly seen Danielle this trip – only once at the Oysterville Store.  Her mom was getting a copy of Legendary Locals of the Long Beach Peninsula (Danielle is shown on page 50 sailing on our bay with “Opa,” otherwise known here in Oysterville as Tucker Wachsmuth.)  They asked me to sign the book and, I have to say, I felt just like a celebrity!

Danielle and Horse

Danielle and Horse

Danielle was wearing a bright red sweatshirt with white letters that said “Oysterville 1854.”  She pulled up the front to show me that underneath she was wearing a bright red tee shirt that said “Oyster Cup 2012” with the Oysterville Regatta logo designed by her Opa.  Danielle is all about Oysterville and Oma and Opa and… horses.

She is also all about writing books!  She is nearly six years old and is looking forward to first grade in the fall.  While Danielle waits for school to begin, she is reading and… writing!  Not only that, she illustrates her books with bright crayoned pictures.  AND… she gave me one to keep!  I was thrilled.  It’s been a long time since an almost-six-year-old has given me a hand-made-twelve-page book.

Danielle and Opa

Last Summer

As you might imagine, there is one double-page spread concerning a horse.  “You know, Danielle,” I said, said I, “Oysterville is the perfect place for horses.  We have all that tall grass in the meadows for them to eat.  Don’t you think Opa and Oma should have a horse here for you to visit?”

She looked at me with big eyes and nodded in agreement with that idea.  The adults in the family who were within hearing distance of our conversation just laughed.  I’m thinking that a sailboat might be more likely in Danielle’s future… But you can never tell when you’re a summer kid in Oysterville!  I can testify to that.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Sydney, you are like the pied piper of Oysterville. You never fail to enchant children!


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