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Aug 5, 2015 | 3 comments

Sydney June 12, 2014 (17)

Sydney Stevens, Oysterville 2014

Once again, I’m already two hours into my day and I have had to abandon several more requests for information so that I can get on with my blog – which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it’s usually the blog that’s generating the requests. Questions come to me through my www.sydneyofoysterville.com website as well as through the Oysterville Restoration Foundation website and through FaceBook and through my personal email.  Yikes!

I do believe that my blog is the main culprit here. I began it five years ago to raise my profile, hoping that more of my books would sell. I don’t know if that has occurred or not. It’s pretty hard to quantify. But, I have certainly generated a blog fan base and, beyond that, people interested in any aspect of Pacific County history seem to find me eventually.

By Sydney Stevens

By Sydney Stevens

Often their questions have to do with Oysterville, specifically, or with early settlers or businesses or situations I’ve mentioned in my blog, Oysterville Daybook. The questioners range from folks interested in their own genealogy to graduate students on the search for information and documentation for their dissertations. Usually, I can answer part of the question but have to do a little research to provide a really definitive response. And, being the sort of person I am (curious!) I delve into whatever it is and… time goes by.

I think I need people. And not the kind that Barbra Streisand was singing about, either. I need a secretary/research assistant/data organizer person or persons who will take care of these things for me magically. Maybe in the night when I don’t need my computer. For free. Yes, at no salary. After all, none of these time-consuming chores generate any income so it’s not like I am able to ‘grow my business,’ whatever that means in the historian world.

Truth to tell, I love being a go-to person and very often, as a bonus to my research for someone else, I find out pertinent bits of information that could be useful to me later. It’s just the time it all takes that frustrates me. Maybe it’s not people I need. Maybe it’s some sort of cybertime discovery. You know, the companion to cyberspace. A place you could go while in cyberspace that would magically generate time beyond the 24-hour day. Where is Einstein when we need him, anyway?


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Told you. I want to be your gal Friday. And a few more days besides.

  2. Caroline Miller

    I know what you mean Sydney. A blog takes on a life of its own and forgets it was meant to attract book buyers. Still, success at any level is satisfying. To serve is satisfying. You and I must wait for the robots that can take over clerical tasks.

    • sydney

      Yes! Robots! What a good idea.


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