Hear! Hear! And other chicken games…

Feb 15, 2016 | 4 comments

Favorite Perch

Favorite Perch and Communication Window

I do believe our ‘girls’ have taken to nagging. It’s either that or stalking and voyeurism.  Hard to tell with chickens.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a project at the dining room table and heard a tap-tap-tapping at the nearby living room window. I should explain about that particular window… It’s sort of a floor-to-ceiling arrangement and opens (although we never do) onto our porch.  The window sills, both outer and inner, are only a few inches above floor level – an easy hop up for a  willful chicken.

So… when I went to investigate, there was one of the girls on the windowsill pecking at the glass apparently in an effort to get my attention. As soon as she saw me, down she hopped and went expectantly to the door as if to say, “Come on outside. I want to play.” Or, as my more jaded friends suggest, her message is “Come on out and give me some scratch.”

But, here’s the thing. She (and sometimes her sister coop-mates), though they come pecking occasionally and hanging out on the porch often, seem totally content if I happen to just come out to pick some camellias or bring in some firewood. They don’t ask for treats – just want to hang out with me.  They walk around the garden with me, cluck-clucking companionably and no doubt giving me the latest neighborhood (read coop and nestbox) gossip.

Hanging Out on the East Porch

Hanging Out on the East Porch

Furthermore, when they are in one of these companionable moods, if I am walking from the kitchen end of the house, through the living room and library and around to my office. they ‘follow’ me on those treks, as well —  they outside and me, in.   They apparently listen to my indoor progress and, by the time I get to the east door, there they are looking eagerly through the windows and giving the glass an occasional peck. They really aren’t particular about which door I come out of — they just want me to join them.  (And of course, I’ve mentioned before that they breech the ramparts and come indoors if they can manage it!)

I’m pretty sure they are asking me out to play. Either that or they are suggesting that I come out and get to work in the garden. They all like to ‘work’ alongside me, hoping that I’ll unearth tasty worms and bugs as I attack the weeds. I think they should know by now (they are either three or four years old – we’ve all lost track) that I’m a fair weather gardener. But… they remain ever-hopeful.


  1. Bruce Jones

    Love this article. I’ve often wondered about chicken social structures ever since reading about pecking orders in sociology and thinking about the parallels in human cultures as I did consulting. This is fun stuff.

  2. Larry Murante

    Can’t blame ’em Sydney. I like hanging out with you too! Great to see you both this weekend!

  3. Claudette Ferriter

    Just love the story!

  4. Caroline Miller

    What is it about people with chickens? Who knew chickens could be so intimidating?.


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