Gathering for the Fourth

Jul 2, 2011 | 1 comment

Camera Shy

     Oysterville is filling up for the festivities of the Glorious Fourth.  So is the peninsula.  And so is Martin’s Bog.
     The celebrating throngs are not unexpected on this three-day holiday weekend.  In fact, any three-day weekend of the year results in a population influx here at the beach.  A three-day clam tide or a three-day holiday weekend always means a profusion of ‘No Vacancy’ signs.  Oysterville is no exception.
     But yesterday, as we traveled south on Sandridge Road, we noticed that the deer people, too, were gathering.  A group of five were nonchalantly grazing at Martin’s bog, providing all of us passers-by with unusual photo ops.
     It’s not that we don’t see deer every day.  We do.  They are on our roads, in the school yard, in our gardens.  But usually, we see a single doe or a doe and her young fawn and, occasionally, a solitary young buck.  Though we know the deer people live and travel in family groups, they seldom show themselves all together.  Perhaps they, too, are gathering for the holidays.
     Unlike the two-legged tourists, however, they were not interested in posing for pictures.  On these crowded weekends we can seldom leave the house without a cheery voice asking, “Would you mind taking our picture in front of the church?” and thrusting a camera toward one of us.  The deer people…not so much.
     Of the five deer in the bog, two were on the periphery – one to the north and one to the south – unconcernedly munching away.  The other three, a buck and two does, turned their heads away from me as soon as I got them in my camera sights.  But, otherwise they didn’t move.
     They obviously know that it isn’t hunting season.  I’m not sure how much they know about fireworks, though.  When the noise and excitement begin in earnest (probably tonight), I doubt that we’ll be seeing many wandering deer herds.  Smart, those deer people!

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  1. Steve Wright

    Sydney, this story reminds me of the times I spent at my Aunt Vernas’ house over the 4th of July Holidays growing up, Deer included. Thank you for the memories.


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